Why you fart during workout

TNN | December 27, 2016
Exercise Farts: Here's why they could be happening

1/7Exercise Farts: Here’s why they could be happening
We have all done it. We do it all the time. But we still don’t own up to it. In fact, writing about farts often has as its pre-work a Google search for ‘euphemisms for farts’. But it is pretty much time that we get it straight, it is a natural process and happens all the time.
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One creepily real fact

2/7One creepily real fact
An average adult farts twelve times a day, emitting about half a litre gas. After all, it better be out than in. And when we work out, there are certain body processes that make you cut the cheese. Here we delve into the whys of workout farting, how to make the toots less stinky, and why it is an absolutely normal phenomenon to fart while we exercise.
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Why we fart: REASON 1

3/7Why we fart: REASON 1
The first reason for workout flatulence is heavy breathing. When you deep breathe during your workout sessions, the air can get stuck in your digestive tract and get released through the anus, making you rip one.
Why we fart: REASON 2

4/7Why we fart: REASON 2
The second reason is that the exercise has an impact on our body processes, including our digestive process. The exercises that make you push your core muscles will squeeze your colon making you push out air.
Why we fart: REASON 3

5/7Why we fart: REASON 3
The third reason is that you had gas-producing foods before a workout. Foods such as wheat, corn, potatoes, wafers, fried foods, legumes, chick peas, kidney beans, onion, garlic, carbonated drinks, and so on, can leave you feeling like a gassy mess. Avoid these for your pre-workout meals.