Water Purifiers over the Years: Why Is It Important to Upgrade Your Age-Old Purifier?

Installing a water purifier for home is mandatory if you want access to clean and safe drinking water. This is because the water quality is deteriorating day by day with natural and manmade contaminants finding their way into it.

Waterborne diseases hit a large population worldwide, especially in the developing nations. The problem gets more pronounced during the rainy season in India. Sometimes, it happens that in spite of having a water purifier at home, you still don’t get safe water for consumption. It could be due to the fact that either the purifier that you are using is not the right one for the quality of water in your area or it needs an upgrade.

When you buy a water purifier for home, you need to select it based on various parameters, the most important being the quality of water. If you already have one at home and it’s an old one, you need to decide if it needs an upgrade.

Advancements in Water Purification Technologies

The water purifier that you have been using since a decade or so might still be working fine. However, you need to consider the technological advancements in water purification technologies over the years. For instance, let’s say the purifier you own now is a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier that removes the harmful dissolved impurities in water. The newer models come integrated with RO plus UV (Ultraviolet) purification technologies in the same purifier. In addition to removing the harmful dissolved impurities, such purifiers also get rid of organic pollutants like viruses and bacteria.

Protection from Polluted Drinking Water

The quality of water may have gotten from bad to worse over the years because of the increasing water pollution levels. So, it is better that you upgrade to a new water purifier that works on advanced technologies and gets rid of all kinds of pollutants present in drinking water.

A Different Source of Water Supply

Let’s say you had been using a water purifier that is capable of purifying borewell water till now and of late you have been getting municipal water supply in your area. In this case, you cannot continue using the same purifier because every kind of water purification technology is suitable for getting rid of specific kind of impurities. A purifier that is good at purifying borewell water might not be good for purifying municipal water. So, in such cases, it’s better to upgrade to the right kind of water purifier.

The water purifiers, barring a few, are not designed to deal with all kinds of impurities or contaminants. The technologies used in these appliances also keep evolving over the years based on the quality of water. If you have been using the samewater purifier for homefor many years, it is very much possible that you need to upgrade so as to continue having access to clean and pure water.