The Video Game Industry Keeps


The Video Gaming Industry – A Continuation of Success

Within each industry platform, adverse situations present themselves. What separates the successful industries from the failing companies is the ability to abide with change. This means going with the flow long enough to dodge the curve and avoid the plagues and periods of downfall. This is what separates the gaming industry from other industries. They have many different contributors keeping gaming, technological advancements, and other such stints relevant. They adapt to change by letting it unfold in front of their eyes as opposed to shifting their morals and ideals to avoid bad times. Speaking for industry giants like PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox, the industry is just reaching the surface and big changes are in constant works to keep this industry afloat.

Reminiscing the Past

As far as recency is concerned, Nintendo has done a great job to keep gaming both affordable, socially interactive, and nostalgic for users. The affordable piece comes at the release of one of their handheld gaming items in the Nintendo 2DS. Hosting a bright and large LCD display screen, this handheld model comes in under $100. Combine their low prices with GameStop discount codes, and that handheld can become quite affordable. This is helping to influence the on-the-go gamer and keep video games within the grasps of differing financial backgrounds. This is another area where Nintendo is applying their rich, past history. They are revitalizing titles and gaming platforms that were played heavily in the past, creating gaming types that suit individuals of all ages.

The social aspect could not be larger with the introduction of the Pokémon Go campaign. This got users moving all over the globe, traveling to great lengths to capture Pokémon. It brought a personalized sense to the 90’s sensation we all raved about, watched episodes about, collected cards with, and played games around. For the first time ever we are in the shoes of the Pokémon trainer, a thought most of us have envisioned at least once or twice in our lifetime. It brought individuals out of the house, scaling parks with other trainers. This helped add conversation to the game, helped users develop a sense of social responsibility, and provided an alternative to gaming the got the user out of a lethargic state.

The evolution of the gaming types and titles is what helps Nintendo place focus on past releases. They revitalize these titles and games to bring past users a sense of nostalgia. This other presents a teaching opportunity for young adults and aging gamers alike. They can connect with the younger generation and help apply their skill and technique to platforms they favored in the past.

PlayStation Set to Release 5th Installment Model

PlayStation keeps their company relevant by continuing to pace with Xbox with gaming releases, helping to create that crossover that allows users to choose which gaming console best suits their needs. They have also moved forward with online streaming services and subscriptions to keep users entertained beyond the gaming discs. They are set to release their 5th model or the PS5 later in 2018, keeping us guessing as to the latest feature inclusions and capabilities.

Evolving Continues: eGaming and VR

The eGaming industry has taken flight in recent history. This involves large gaming competitions for cash and streams on major networks. It also represents one of the very first platforms that crosses video games with gambling. This multibillion-dollar industry continues to grow and flourish, even appearing on ESPN. VR has taken a small hit in individual stock, but this platform has yet to see the light of day. Most of the successful companies are holding back their releases, ensuring that development is consistent, sound, and successful. This will take off in the near future, increasing the following for a platform that has already spiked major levels of hype.