Top 5 Marketing Benefits of Bulk SMS Services

BulkSMS or transactional SMS has become a popular way of communication because of the growing demand for mobile phones. As technology has enhanced in the modern era, bulk messages can also be forwarded through a website whereas earlier it was only possible to transmit an SMS between two mobile phones. If you believe you can’t afford the direct mailing because of the high costs involved, you can go with the bulk SMS service as an alternative. You will be surprised with the type of results you get.

Bulk SMS service demands minimum market research and can be started irrespective of the particular marketing trend. Bulk SMS provides a platform where a potential customer gets notifications about the particular brand directly on their mobile phones. However, it is an effective way to let customers or subscribers know about special offers and discounts.

This blog reveals some of the best advantages of Bulk SMS services:

  1. Low cost and high ROI: TV commercials, newspaper advertisements, and almost all types of advertising tools are expensive. On the contrary, bulk SMS marketing has low running costs that campaigns can be executed with a small amount connected with the more conventional marketing techniques. Moreover, one can contact hundreds of thousands of customers in a matter of seconds. With this low cost and high ROI, Bulk SMS is the most cost-effective marketing tool for small to medium sized businesses.
  2. Speed with more flexibility: All types of businesses must be regulated with the fluidity of the modern world, as flexibility is a key to success in ever-changing market conditions. In bulk SMS marketing, campaigns and promotional messages can be delivered directly to the target audience. This fast service is offered by the text republic that allows companies to respond immediately to the events.
  3. Instant Deliverability: Unlike emails, SMS doesn’t have to fight against spam or another type of email filters. SMS is fast, putting your information into your customer’s pockets in a matter of seconds after you send. The standard time for all SMS services is less than 7 seconds. Nevertheless, other marketing tools are also fast, but nothing compares to the speed and efficiency of SMS.
  1. Highly targeted: For any business, it is now necessary that every promotional message or campaign is as extremely targeted as possible. However, the bulk SMS marketing is a permission-based service. The marketing messages can only be sent to the customers who have agreed to receive marketing messages from marketing managers. So, a bulk SMS marketing is an ideal way to market to target audience or existing customers.
  2. Freedom of Personalization: SMS can be personalized to the receiver and delivered to their mobile phones within seconds. It can also be personalized according to the user’s prior shopping behavior and location. It is costly to achieve this level of personalization in any other type of marketing. With bulk SMS marketing, it can be possible for almost no additional cost.

So these are the 5 big marketing benefits of BulkSMS service. It can make your marketing promotion more effective and economical.