Things You Need to Know About Diamond Quality and Certification

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Aren’t diamonds a girl’s best friend? Well yes, diamonds are forever and there is a diamond for every occasion ever. However, it is necessary that you make sure that the gemstones you are buying are not only genuine but also worth the money you are investing in them. Not only is it about buying a real diamond, it is equally about how good is the deal that you’ve cracked. Want to know how good is the purchase? The best way is to get the diamond certified or to buy certified white diamonds.

Every diamond ever has it’s unique characteristics that make them stand out. While some of these are evident to the naked eye and are distinguished clearly, others are undiscoverable to a layman’s eye. To find a completely faultless diamond is close to being impossible.

When it is about buying white diamonds, you must ensure that you purchase a diamond that is certified. Not only does a certified diamond ensure that it is worth your money, but it also ensures that your purchase is of premium quality diamond.

While certification of diamond is done by many gemological institutes and laboratories globally and in the U.S. . Some of the most trusted and preferred certification institutes are:

Gemological Institute of America

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is often referred to as an expert in diamond certifications globally. The GIA has been in service for over 75 years. GIA is often acknowledged as the godfather of diamond quality certification due to their top of the line and advanced labs as well as their education and research centers. The best benefit of purchasing a diamond certified by the GIA is surely that you are sure to be delivered a gemstone of highest quality.

International Gemological Institution

The certification standards of the International Gemological Institution are less stringent that at GIA. However, the IGI certifications are also less expensive but still comparable to GIA in value.

European Gemological Laboratory

Diamonds certified by EGL, both coloured and white, undergo a subjective grading procedure and are evaluated by atleast two labs. Comparable to IGI certification, the certification of diamonds by EGL costs less than the counterparts certified by GIA.

American Gem Society

The American Gem Society or AGS follows a stricter standardizing policy as compared to GIA, which is in stark contrast to the EGL and IGI certification institutes. The diamond quality certificates issued by the AGS are thoroughly detailed and include also a precisely plotted diagram of every inclusion, both internal and external in the diamond. Thus, for this very reason, AGS diamonds are famous for grading the ideal cut diamonds that are distinctively popular for their radiance. Moreover, a fact that many are unaware of is that the AGS was founded by the same person who formed GIA, Robert Shipley.

As suiting your budget, you can opt for certification from among these institutes. The only way to be sure of a genuine diamond is to get it certified. A certificate is like a seal of genuineness for your diamonds.