These Nursing Shoes Are Comfortable Enough to Stand in All Day—and They’re on Sale

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One way to make walking and standing for long periods of time more enjoyable and less painful? Make sure your footwear has a seal of approval from the pros. In addition to selling 1,000 pairs on their launch day, Bala’s ultra-comfortable shoes have gained an impressive fan base of nurses and medical professionals, who spend up to 12 hours on their feet daily. And while that is reason enough to add these cloud-like sneakers to your shopping cart, the even better news is that the Bala Twelve Defy is currently on sale for less than $100.

With the goal of creating the perfect shoe for nurses, Bala designed their sleek sneakers with a flexible knit material that is meant to expand to accommodate swelling, along with a fit that’s tailored specifically to the female foot. Made in direct collaboration with medical professionals, the Twelves sneaker series also features the brand’s signature arch M-embrace, a supportive cushioning around the arch that absorbs and returns impact, maintaining comfort and keeping a bounce in your step even after standing for hours on end. What’s more, Bala’s shoes have fluid-resistant exteriors and no-slip traction, so you stay supported in almost any environment.