The Best Gaming Routers of 2019

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There is one thing that is the enemy of all gamers everywhere, and it’s not that kid in Fortnite who seems to be able to snipe you from across the map as soon as you touch down in Tilted Towers. It’s lag.

Gamers know the scenario well—you’re deep into a match, finally about to land the killing blow, only to have the framerate drop, the screen glitch, and you’re looking at a grey “Game Over” screen instead of victory.

So how do you eliminate lag, ensuring that you only have yourself to blame, instead of your network?

Get one of these routers designed specifically for gamers.

Razer Sila

For its first network hardware product, Razer has developed one of the fastest routers on the market. The Razer Sila is able to cover up to 9,000 square feet when deployed as a mesh network. And with the in-app optimization, you can make sure that that signal is a wicked fast and optimizes your network for exactly what it needs. The multichannel signal utilizes radar-sensing hardware to hop on normally restricted channels to extend your network even further. And if you’d like to optimize how your signal is used, whether to prioritize gaming, streaming or voice, you can do that right from the Razer app. It’s not going to win any beauty pageants, but then when you’re this fast, you don’t need to worry about aesthetics.

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Amplifi Gamer’s Edition

Built on Amplifi’s excellent network hardware, this package manages to be both performance-focused and user friendly. When the AmpliFi Gamer’s Edition finishes setting up your network, it gives you the option to create a lower-speed (100 MBps capped), low-latency network that will improve your in-game performance (lower latency means you’ll see less lag). Or you can choose the Throughput option, which will give you a faster network overall, but may increase your latency. Either way, the onboard GeForce QoS (Quality of Service) mode filters gaming traffic to prioritize it on your network. You can also further customize your network by selecting to optimize individual devices for gaming or streaming. Beyond the black base unit, the mesh points in the Gamer’s Edition are also redesigned. Instead of the magnetically attached antenna, the units are now matte black lozenges that can rotate 270 degrees. It’s aesthetically pleasing and the rotation works surprisingly well to dial in a better signal. Overall, the performance is just as good as with AmpliFiÆs base product, with the LCD on the main router and the signal strength indicators providing a wealth of data without ever having to open the app. When you do open up the app, it provides a ton of information and lots of options.

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Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300

Netgear’s latest pro gaming router, the XR300 is also their cheapest. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t as capable as the more expensive products in the lineup. It sports the same software package as the more expensive (yet older) XR500 and XR700, and includes a Geo-Filter feature, unique to Netgear’s gaming routers, that keeps you off geographically distant servers and blocks distant teammates. Better proximity equals less lag, after all. The XR300 is also optimized to reduce spikes and dips in signal, keeping things smooth and even. And if you do notice an unexpected drop in bandwidth, you can check to see what devices are being Wi-Fi hogs. All of this sits on top of a super-fast 1.75Gbps signal.

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ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300

The ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is all about letting you know how aggressive it is, with eight antennas (four to transmit your network, four to receive data), eight ethernet ports (four of which can combine multiple streams from your modem to give you greater than gigabit speeds) and beamforming (ensuring that your devices can get a signal anywhere in the house). It even has native VPN capabilities and can transmit a traditional network at the same time for those devices that are unable to navigate VPN networks. The GT-AC5300 is a tri-band router, with gigabit capabilities and a top speed of 5,334Mbps. It’s able to handle a house full of smart devices, streaming movies and online games, and still have the capacity to take on more. And with prioritization and game-boost technology, there’s no doubt that it will do everything it can to ensure your game is rock solid.