The Benefits of Installing Wireless Security and Surveillance Systems

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Thanks to the invention of the computer and the rise of the internet, businesses now operate at a speed and efficiency like never before. Unfortunately, this also means that criminals are taking advantage of these technologies in order to get away with illegal activity. It only makes sense that the technology we use to protect our companies should be up-to-date as well. If you have been on the fence about switching over to a wireless surveillance system, read on to see why you may want to do so for your company.

No Wires = No Cutting

Older security systems utilized physical phone and data cables and were often plugged into walls. Savvier thieves would be able to get around these pieces of technology by cutting all of the lines around the office or building. This would effectively disable your alarms and allow them to get in without any trouble. You can get around this problem by implementing a wireless security system instead, as your alarm is still guaranteed to go off even if all of the phone and power lines are disabled in your area.

You’re Not Limited to One Location

Traditional wired surveillance systems are often installed near power sources, which greatly limits where they can be placed. Unfortunately, placing these devices in areas dictated by the length of your cables might be doing you more harm than good. After all, the optimal locations to put equipment might actually be somewhere quite far from your outlets. With a wireless security system, you can place cameras wherever you want, ensuring you can keep an eye on your property from any and all angles.

Instant Access from Your Phone

Are you worried about how your office is doing without you around to keep watch? Wireless models allow you to connect your mobile phone or tablet to the cameras, so you can access live video footage no matter where you are.Whether you’re at home or on a business trip, you can check in on your cameras with a few taps on your mobile device.You can easily switch between cameras as well. Plus, you’ll be able to receive instant notifications on your device should any of the alarms go off. This saves you and emergency personnel a lot of time and effort, as they won’t have to waste any time trying to find you just to tell you what happened.

Footage Is Stored Offsite

If a criminal were to enter your company premises, there really is not much stopping them from finding your security system and getting rid of all evidence that they ever stepped foot onto your property. With a wireless security system, though, you can save video footage to the cloud automatically. Most models also enable the latest up-to-date encryption methods, so your video feed will be safe from cyber breaches as well.

With the benefits of a wireless security system, you can rest assured that your company is safe from theft and other crimes.Take advantage of these features now and you won’t have to worry about potentially losing the business that you worked so hard for.