The 30 Best Wellness Blogs to Start Reading Now

The 30 Best Wellness Blogs to Start Reading in 2021 | Tiny Trips

Looking to bring more wellness into your life? These days, you can find tips on self-care, nutrition, and fitness pretty much everywhere, but not all wellness blogs are created equal. Great wellness blogs can be a relaxing and fun way to bring some healthier habits into your life, but you have to be careful — there is also a lot of snake oil out there!

We combed the internet for the best of the best, who champion truly healthy eating (not fad diets), energizing movement (more than just exercise for weight loss), taking a break (rather than pushing productivity above all else), and more, so you can practice self-care without implementing unnecessary restrictions in your life. Enjoy our 30 best wellness blogs to find your new favorite, and let us know in the comments if we missed someone you love.


Fit Bottomed Girls

Founded in 2008 by Jennifer Walters and Kristen Seymour to promote body positivity in women, Fit Bottomed Girls has grown from a little blog to a site that has drawn millions of visitors. They take a fun, anti-diet approach to wellness that we love.


Pilates instructor turned YouTuber, blogger, and entrepreneur Cassey Ho has been inspiring people to be more active for almost 10 years. Her exercise videos will give you a killer workout, but she also devotes airtime to food, health, and body positivity.


Kira started ByKwest to further her mission of making the wellness space more inclusive. According to Kira, living a “well” life looks a little bit different for everyone. Her blog aims to encourage people to find what works for them.

Personal Growth & Self-Care

Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina provides near-daily wellness tips and recommendations on his blog, covering almost any wellness sub-category you can think of. Plus, his calming and non-judgmental tone makes us all the more eager to follow his advice.

Rachael Kable

Aussie blogger, podcaster, and mindfulness coach Rachael Kable is all about doable wellness recommendations for busy people. One of our favorites is “micro self-care.” If you would rather listen than read, she also has a podcast, The Mindful Kind.

James Clear

A New York Times best-selling author’s research-backed advice on how to live your life better. James Clear covers developing positive habits, personal growth, and more. If you need a weekly reminder to devote some time to wellness, you can also try his 3-2-1 newsletter.

Be More With Less

Courtney Carver created Be More With Less after discovering that a happy life isn’t about having more stuff. Her blog is devoted to helping you find happiness by simplifying your life, and dealing with uncertainty.

Finding Her

We like Finding Her by Julia Busby for when we need a quick pick-me-up. Julia’s blog posts are quick reads packed with insight from her own life experiences. If you’d rather not read, she also has a podcast on becoming the best version of yourself.

Balance Better

Formerly an employee in London’s busy financial district, Balance Better understands what it’s like to experience burnout, and what you can do about it. Follow along for advice on looking out for your mental health and self-care tips.

Gretchen Rubin

Author, blogger, and app creator Gretchen Rubin has spent her career exploring how to live a better life. On her blog, she’s written quite a bit on happiness and how to get it, drawing on research and her own life at once.

Georgie Morley

We wish we could live on Nantucket year-round like Georgie Morley does, but that’s not the only reason we follow her blog. Georgie is candid about her own mental health struggles and shares the self-care tips she’s picked up along the way. Plus, Georgie is a former barista and posts some great tips and tricks for coffee lovers!

Mindfulness & Meditation

Zen Habits

Learn to work and stress out less and enjoy life more with Zen Habits. Writer Leo Babauta embraces mindfulness and meditation to be more present in his day-to-day. We especially love his emphasis on taking breaks.

Live and Dare

Master your meditation practice with the tips and tricks on Live and Dare. Blogger Giovanni Dienstmann has helpful articles for meditation pros and beginners alike, along with insight on anxiety, motivation, and more.

Mindful 365

After burning out from a career in law, Shirley Archer, the force behind Mindful 365, changed her life to focus on health and wellness. Twenty-five years later, she’s an author, meditation teacher, and integrative health promoter eager to teach people how to get the most out of their mediation and mindfulness practices.

The Blissful Mind

Catherine, mindset coach and blogger behind the Blissful Mind, sets out to help “creative overthinkers.” She is an advocate for an end to the hustle culture and maintains that everyone should take a break regularly (two sentiments we can definitely get behind). Additionally, the blog’s calming tone makes for a relaxing read.

Calm Blog

Run by the popular meditation app, the Calm Blog features lots of good information on how mindfulness, meditation, and stress management can positively impact all areas of your life. You’ll even find interviews with all sorts of public figures who you never knew had a meditation practice.


Peanut Butter Fingers

Peanut Butter Fingers is a diary-style blog run by Julie Fagan, a personal trainer in North Carolina. As the name implies, you will find lots of tasty, healthy recipes here. Julie is also a mom, and she shares her parenting journey, with tips for keeping your kiddos entertained.

Sammy Boyce Bal

Full-time lawyer, part-time wellness blogger, Sammy Boyce Bal understands that it can be challenging to fit healthy eating and self-care into your day-to-day. On her blog, she posts easy, plant-based recipes and ideas for how to incorporate them into a busy lifestyle.

Eating Bird Food

Here, “bird food” means eating a balanced diet that is full of real foods, without forcing you into any particular dietary preference. In addition to her tasty and healthy recipes, Brittany of Eating Bird Food also shares stories about her home, kids, and puppy.

Abbey’s Kitchen

Abbey’s Kitchen features healthy, tasty recipes for adults and kids alike. Abbey is a registered dietician, and she employs one additional dietician to help her with recipes, so rest assured her recommendations are expert-backed.

Primarily a food blog, McKel of Nutrition Stripped is a dietician and an advocate of mindful eating. She also talks about how to define healthy eating, find a balanced diet, and ignore the diet fads of the day.

A Little Bit of Everything

Om & the City

Jules Acree, the woman behind Om & the City, shares the daily actions you can take (small and large) to create meaningful change in your life. We love her focus on healthy technology usage and managing digital clutter.

Jess Ann Kirby

Jess, a fellow New Englander, covers a wide range of topics on her eponymous blog. Tune in for fun travel and day trip ideas all over the area, weekly lists of recommended reads and products, and well-researched beauty recommendations.

A Healthy Slice of Life

Take a peek into the life of former health coach Brittany Dixon on A Healthy Slice of Life. Read about travel, family life, cooking, and self-care — all through the lens of living a healthy, well-balanced life.

Rebekah Joan

Live your life intentionally and sustainably with Rebekah Joan. Here you’ll find the steps Rebekah is taking to be more mindful, create intentional habits, and transition to a zero-waste lifestyle. The blog features actionable advice that you can easily integrate into your daily routine.

The Health Mason

Allie Hoffberg, aka the Health Mason, is focused on empowering women to live more balanced lives. She believes that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to involve dieting, strict rules, or depriving yourself of anything — and we couldn’t agree more.

The Stripe

Tune into the Stripe for wellness and beauty tips from writer Grace Atwood, who worked in the industry until she transitioned to running her blog full-time. Grace is also an avid reader who posts about everything she reads, so check out her many book recs!

The Blonde Files

The Blonde Files came about after writer Arielle Lorre received treatment for addiction and resolved to start living a healthier life. The result has been a blog that documents everything she’s learned in the six years since.

No Sidebar

According to No Sidebar, too much stuff can get in the way of your happiness. Instead of focusing on your stuff, focus on what’s important with articles from a variety of writers on decluttering, intentional living, and more.

The Busy Papa

Aaron, aka the Busy Papa, explores a wide variety of wellness-related topics as they relate to his day-to-day life with his family in England. For example, he recently explored the ways Scandinavian countries (consistently ranked among the happiest in the world) approach stress and happiness.