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Cramer: Your shopping list for the next market dip

Companies reported some spectacular quarters this week, and Jim Cramer thought it just added more fuel to the fire in Friday’s rally. It was the stocks that had huge moves this week that made it to Cramer’s shopping list for next week, because he is confident that there could be more sell-off days ahead. First on Cramer’s list was Facebook, ... Read More »

NexDock is a ‘laptop’ that’s actually powered by your Windows or Android phone

While it’s a viable concept in itself, the NexPad is more intriguing for the future it points to. The NexDock promises to transform phones, tablets, and compute sticks into a laptop-like experience. Credit: NexDock 6COMMENTS Mark Hachman | @markhachman Senior Editor, PCWorld Feb 16, 2016 2:02 PM Microsoft’s Continuum technology for Windows 10 makes it possible for a Windows phone ... Read More »

Does your company need a chief data officer?

It’s a rare business today that doesn’t depend on data in some significant way, but does that mean most companies need a chief data officer? That’s a question on more than a few executive minds in this big-data era, particularly as analyst firms wax increasingly enthusiastic about the role. Gartner, for instance, recentlysaid it expects 90 percent of large organizations ... Read More »

Move your Windows 10 libraries to a separate drive or partition

I strongly recommend that users put code (Windows and programs) onto one drive or partition, and data (documents, spreadsheets, music, photos, and so on) on another. It adds a layer of protection, and it makes backing up easier. You can create an image backup of your bootable code partition—almost certainly drive C:—two or three times a year. And then you ... Read More »

Google Play Store can now use your Gmail itineraries for app recommendations

Where you go can tell a lot about you. Google would now like to use what it already knows about your travels to better pitch some new Android apps. An update to the Google Play Store features a new option: Use itineraries from Gmail.You can turn it on in the settings, and as the description implies you should see more apps ... Read More »

Microsoft imagines future NFL games played out on your coffee table, via HoloLens

If Microsoft has its way, future Super Bowl viewers will watch the game play out live on their coffee tables, as players outfitted with helmet cams provide up-close-and-personal views of the game. And on the field, coaches and players will see the same video the fans see—and adjust their game plans accordingly. NFL executives and players joined Microsoft executives on Tuesday ... Read More »

Screen set-top box and apps enforce the ‘screen time’ rules you set for your kids

Anyone with kids can fall prey to this trap: You just need a few minutes alone, to do laundry, take a phone call, or just enjoy a little peace and quiet. So you park the kids in front of the TV for 20 minutes…. Or longer. A new startup, Screen, says it can enable you to manage your kids’ screen ... Read More »

If US dollar retreats, this is your best play

The U.S. dollar is retreating from a multiyear bull market in 2016 as expectations for a Federal Reserve rate increase get pushed further and further out. Fed Chair Janet Yellen commented to Congress on Wednesday about the economic problems associated with the greenback moving higher too quickly. If the dollar continues to pull back, some asset classes could be ready ... Read More »

Fitness trackers are leaking lots of your data, study finds

Some of the more popular sports wearables don’t just let you track your fitness, they let other people track you. That’s what Canadian researchers found when they studied fitness-tracking devices from eight manufacturers, along with their companion mobile apps. All the devices studied except for the Apple Watch transmitted a persistent, unique Bluetooth identifier, allowing them to be tracked by ... Read More »

Sorcery! Parts One and Two review: Choose your own adventure in this glorious Steve Jackson adaptation

I’ve fought an assassin. I’ve saved an orcish princess. I’ve clambered through overflowing sewers. I’ve died from drinking too much river water, and died again from contracting plague. I’ve fought monsters, eaten rations, and rested at more inns than I’d care to recall. I’ve even—don’t tell anyone—thrown rocks at a little girl in exchange for an apple. (It wasn’t one ... Read More »