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Citi: World economy seems trapped in ‘death spiral’

The global economy seems trapped in a “death spiral” that could lead to further weakness in oil prices, recession and a serious equity bear market, Citi strategists have warned. Some analysts — including those at Citi — have turned bearish on the world economy this year, following an equity rout in January and weaker economic data out of China and ... Read More »

Beyond Centrino: Intel drives device changes for a 5G world

Intel sparked a wireless revolution over the last decade with its Centrino processor platform, designed to connect laptops over Wi-Fi, and now believes the 5G mobile standard will fuel the next big change in the way a new generation of devices communicate. The move to 5G networks will provide faster wireless connectivity through a host of technologies and change the ... Read More »

The hottest item at Mobile World Congress won’t be for sale

In Barcelona, you really can buy happiness. (It’s called Iberico, a delicious Spanish ham.) But you can’t buy unlicensed spectrum, and yet it’s going to be the hottest thing at Mobile World Congress next week. Commercial mobile operators, which for years relied on exclusive frequencies doled out through auctions or competitions, are now looking toward bands that anyone can use. ... Read More »

This Old Tech: Exploring the lost world of Prodigy

See larger image Remember when… From 1988 to 1996, IBM and Sears jointly operated a graphically rich online service called Prodigy, which allowed users from all over the United States to dial in and view weather, stocks, news, and more while also exchanging emails and bulletin board posts with other users. When the service shut down in 1999 (after a ... Read More »

LG details its mid-range Stylus 2 in advance of Mobile World Congress

LG isn’t waiting for the start of Mobile World Congress to show off the company’s newest stylus-friendly phone.The Stylus 2 won’t necessarily be a direct competitor to the Galaxy Note in that the specs are far more mid-range, but it does have a 5.7-inch screen and improvements to the writing tool. LG offers a feature called the Pen Keeper, which ... Read More »

Cramer Remix: This group is in a world of hurt

In a world where stocks are trading in lockstep with the price of oil, Jim Cramer finally found the one company that could do enough to break away from the pack—McDonald’s. Steve Easterbrook is the CEO of McDonald’s that took over the helm of the fast food giant, and Cramer thinks is the reason why the company reported stellar earnings ... Read More »

Yen rallies as world falls apart: FX strategist

The yen’s surge to 15-month highs against the dollar Thursday reveals deep problems in global markets, according to Steven Englander, global head of currency and G-10 strategy at Citigroup. “It’s rallying because it’s a safe haven currency and the world’s falling apart,” Englander told CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange.” “It’s not rallying because there are negative interest rates.” The Bank of Japan ... Read More »

Why a China slowdown won’t blow up the world: HSBC

We can live with a slowing Chinese economy, said Frederic Neumann, co-head of Asian economics research at HSBC. “Don’t always buy the headlines, the headlines are screaming China might be falling off a cliff, but if you look at the economy, it’s not exactly true,” he told CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange” on Friday. “Home sales [there] are holding up, car sales ... Read More »

Top 5 Smartphones that Rock the Mobile World

If you are looking out for the best mobile phone, you will find a plethora of mobile phones on online stores. There are many factors that are taken into consideration before buying mobile phones these days. First and the most important consideration is the price. The second is the features of the phone and then there are other factors such ... Read More »