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Odisha: Man dies after mobile explodes while charging

The exact time of blast is yet to be ascertained Aman died after his phone exploded while charging in Odisha’s Paradip area Sunday night. The deceased has been identified as Kuna Pradhan, who is a native of Ranpur village of Nayagarh district in the state and was engaged as a labourer in the construction of a temple on the office ... Read More »

Lightning Kills Man in Maharashtra while Talking on Mobile Phone

Akola: A 22-year-old man on Saturday died after being struck by lightning while talking on a mobile phone in Maharashtra’s Akola district, police said. An official said Abhijit Srikrishna Ingle (22), a resident of Waghjali village in Barshitakali taluka here, was standing under a tree to protect himself from rain when the incident happened at around 4.00 p.m. “One more person ... Read More »

Another reason not to smoke while pregnant

Reuters | Dec 30, 2016, 04.33 PM IST Another reason not to smoke while pregnant Women who smoke during pregnancy may be more likely to have children with kidney damage than mothers who steer clear of cigarettes, a study suggests. Smoking during pregnancy has long been linked to preterm and underweight babies and a wide range of birth defects. The ... Read More »

Have you ever accidentally peed while laughing?

TNN | December 06, 2016 1/6Stress urinary incontinence 0 Juggling between our professional lives and personal chores, we tend to ignore certain changes in our body which might even lead to embarrassment. And peeing unintentionally is one of them. This condition is called Stress Urinary Incontinence, which means involuntary emission of urine. While it is not a serious health condition, ... Read More »

Five to Try: Reigns makes you king for a day, while Disney Mix delivers tween-friendly chat

Tired of using the same old apps and games, week in and week out? Well, that’s what our Five to Try column is designed to fix, as we spotlight new Android releases worth a look. Our latest entry is headlined by Reigns, a clever king simulation that uses a Tinder-like interface to let you quickly swipe through consequential decisions. Add ... Read More »

Do you want to get hired by a startup? Keep these factors in mind while applying to companies after college

Working at a startup is like building a plane while it is in the air. It needs all of three – skill set, mind set and tool set. Startups look for candidates who are willing to work extra hours, ready to wear multiple hats, who are prepared for new challenges and uncertainties every day and are highly self-driven. The current ... Read More »

while you are taking acetaminophen, you don’t sense oover-the-counterrs’ pain as plenty

while you’re taking acetaminophen to reduce your pain, you can also be decreasing your empathy for bothover the counter bodily and social aches that other humans revel in, a new have a look at indicates. Researchers at the Ohio kingdom university found, for instance, that once members who took acetaminophen learned approximately over-the-counter misfortunes of oover-the-counterrs, over-the-countery concept these individuals ... Read More »