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Wayfair CEO to Cramer: Why we are different

At a time when many furniture retailers like Williams-Sonoma andRestoration Hardware are struggling, Jim Cramer turned his attention to Wayfair to see how it could differentiate itself from the competition. Online retailer Wayfair sells furniture and home goods at bargain prices for brands like Joss & Main, All Modern, Birch Lane and Dwell Studio. However, it seems that regardless of ... Read More »

Hands on with Sony’s Xperia X lineup: A trio of phones we can’t wait to use

Here’s a sad story about Sony: In the four years that I’ve been reviewing Androidsmartphones, Sony’s Android devices have typically scored remarkably well. But the company hasn’t put as much marketing mojo behind its smartphone lineup like it has with some of its other product divisions, and it’s difficult to keep up the excitement after you realize that once Sony ... Read More »

Can the markets predict recessions? What we found out

It turns out investors probably should heed those national park signs warning hikers to “Beware of Bears.” In a 1966 Newsweek article, the eminent economist Paul Samuelson famously quipped that the stock market had predicted nine of the past five recessions. It’s a remark that is often repeated to deride the powers of the stock market to predict the economy. ... Read More »

Yellen on negative rates: ‘We wouldn’t take those off the table’

As recession fears mount in the U.S., Fed Chair Janet Yellen conceded there’s a “chance” of a downturn ahead. She also said the central bank is studying whether negative interest rates would help should conditions worsen. “There is always some chance of recession in any year,” she said. “But the evidence suggests that expansions don’t die of old age.” Asked ... Read More »

Cramer: Yellen should say ‘we can’t get derailed’

In her second day of congressional testimony, Fed Chair Janet Yellenshould do a better job of stressing the importance of market stability, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Thursday. “This would be a great time for her to put a stake in the ground saying we’re the engine. We’re the locomotive. We can’t get derailed,” Cramer said on “Squawk on the Street.” ... Read More »

Here’s why we haven’t hit a bottom yet

It’s the day after the Powerball lottery. The joke on trading desks all week is that Wall Street has been selling stocks to play the lottery. Now the lottery is over, and we are rallying. This makes sense, no? Coming into work, the new joke was that we were rallying but it would all fall apart by midday, because that ... Read More »