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THE DIGITAL HEALTH ECOSYSTEM: An in-depth examination of the players and tech trends reshaping the future of healthcare

Until now, healthcare was the only remaining industry that had yet to feel the rapid impact of digitization endured by retail, banking, and media. But consumer adoption of digital tech, regulatory overhauls, and a shifting reimbursement model are forcing healthcare players’ hands. Business Insider Intelligence Digital health innovation offers market incumbents new opportunities to combat constricting margins, labor shortages, and ... Read More »

5 trends that define the online gaming sector in India

India’s economy might be slowing down, but its online gaming industry is going through a boom never seen before. Riding on the mobile and internet revolution sweeping the country, online gaming now cuts across ages and socio-economic groups. Nearly 60 percent of India’s online gamers are below the age of 24, according to industry estimates. Young internet users have a higher propensity to play ... Read More »

Blogging Tips and Trends For Your Advisory Business

There is no doubt that blogging is on the rise among financial advisory firms. For those of you who are already actively blogging, congratulations! For those of you who still might be on the fence, consider this. Research shows that firms that blog receive 67% more leads than those firms that do not actively blog. In short, blogging can make a ... Read More »

Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends In Education

Shutterstock This is a continuation of my series looking at how digital transformation has impacted every industry. Today’s focus is on educational trends. Educators from all grade-levels are coming to realize the benefits of technology in the classroom. Typically, education is one of the last industries to make extensive change, holding on to antiquated methods and practices. But through the digital transformation ... Read More »

Top fitness trends of 2017

Smart watches, heart-rate monitors, GPS trackers will continue to be popular (Thinkstock) The fitness industry has witnessed an unprecedented growth, thanks to people who are waking up to the numerous benefits that a sweat-drenched life has to offer. Every few months there are new and exciting ways being created in the fitness-lifestyle market that offer variety and keep people excited ... Read More »

Fitness trends to watch out for in 2017

TNN | December 28, 2016 1/12Fitness trends to watch out for in 2017 0 With FitBit on one hand and a pear in the other, most of us started our 2016 with one thought: to become fitter and better versions of our-2015-selves. While the tenth day of January saw many of us falling away from our fitness goals with the ... Read More »