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This week in games: The Division holds a beta test, Dangerous Golf gets explosive

Farewell, January. We hardly knew ye. Let’s ring out the month with some gaming news—including an exploding golf game, a bunch of random trailers, and maybe some game recommendations for the weekend? Aye aye, captain Two excellent games are free to play on Steam this weekend, and they both have to do with ships. Boats. Sailing the briny. The games? ... Read More »

Study: So far this year, nowhere to hide from bear

High yield, no yield, loved by Wall Street or hated, every kind of stock has been pretty much slammed this year — leaving no place for equity investors to hide. Bespoke Investment Group dissected the names in the S&P 500 to see if it could glean which kind of stocks (value, growth, etc.) led this year’s declines, but it found ... Read More »

Is this capitulation?

Is this capitulation? Do you believe we are in a bear market, or not? One thing’s for sure: for a brief moment in the middle of the day, we were in Twilight Zone territory. Rod Sterling should have been the stocks reporter. Consider the following: The CBOE Put/Call ratio, the ratio of put contracts to call contracts being purchased, was ... Read More »

These stocks could see big moves out of earnings this week

After a tough start to the year, investors are eyeing company earnings reports as a potential catalyst to boost the already fragile market. And as the heart of the season gets underway, options traders are expecting some big moves from many of the stocks. High-flying Netflix, which is scheduled to report Tuesday after the closing bell, is projected to see ... Read More »

5 major revisions ahead of this week’s earnings

As we work through the final peak week for fourth-quarter earnings, it’s hard to describe the season as anything other than underwhelming, with many companies missing estimates on the top and bottom line as a number of macroeconomic concerns run rampant. Unfortunately, some highly anticipated tech companies reporting this week will not be the ones to turn this season around. ... Read More »

Only three rate increases this year: Goldman’s Hatzius

Fed Chair Janet Yellen is scheduled to appear before Congress on Wednesday, but ahead of that the Street was talking about what she will say. “She needs to walk a fairly fine line between not appearing like she’s completely ignoring the turmoil in the markets, but at the same time also indicate that she still expects expansion,” said Goldman Sachs’ ... Read More »

This is the easy way to find stock market bargains

How does one find bargains in the market? Eddy Elfenbein of Crossing Wall Street suggests that investors start by examining two factors: a stock’s dividend yield, and its amount of debt relative to equity. Performing such a screen will generate stocks that are attractive in terms of their yield — which may hint at low valuations — but may be ... Read More »

Looking for where to bet in this wild market?

these are three stocks to bet on, says RBC Capital Markets’ head of global research, Marc Harris. Placing Aramark in its transformative bucket, RBC considers that the food service company is resilient in this tough economic environment and the kind of stock that investors would want to own now. “This is a [earnings-per-share] doubling store over the next couple of ... Read More »

The Honor X3 tablet might be Huawei’s big announcement at CES this year

As you may have heard, Huawei has scheduled its CES press conference for 10:00 AM local time in Las Vegas today, which we will be sure to cover, but a few leaks have been unearthed that might already give us some insight on what the Chinese giant has in store. Allegedly, Huawei won’t be launching any new “D”, “M” or ... Read More »