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Not sure of personal goals? This could lead to depressive symptoms

People who are not sure about which personal goals to pursue may be at increased risk of experiencing psychological distress, suggests a new research. The study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, investigated two forms of motivational conflict. These were inter-goal conflict — when pursuing one goal makes it difficult to pursue another — and ambivalence — conflicting ... Read More »

Heart failure causes and symptoms, experts say even moderate drinking could be fatal

Alcohol is bad for our health and we don’t need a doctor to tell us that. However, how much alcohol is ok has always been debatable. There have been many studies conducted on the consumption of alcohol and its impact on our bodies, but there has never been a conclusive figure or amount that we could agree on. But in the interest ... Read More »

Black Cardamom For Asthma: Use This Spice To Reduce The Symptoms Of Respiratory Conditions

Black cardamom is often referred to as the ‘queen of spices.’ This commonly used aromatic spice is widely used to flavour various Indian dishes that contains a number of health benefits. Also known as hill cardamoms, the oil extracted from the black cardamom seeds is used for many health and beauty purposes. This spice is used medicinally for heart problems, ... Read More »

Omega-3 supplements don’t cure dry eye symptoms. They may just be placebos

Fish oil supplements have long been recommended to people suffering from dry eye disease, a common ailment that affects millions worldwide — but a study out Friday says they don’t work. “Omega-3 supplements are no more effective than placebo at alleviating dry eye symptoms,” read the findings from a randomised clinical trial involving 535 people and published in the New ... Read More »

Cancer symptoms that you are most likely to ignore

TNN| Kalpana Sharma | January 12, 2017 1/8Lesser known cancer symptoms Cancer is spreading like an epidemic. According to National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, an estimated of 2.5 million people are living with cancer in India. Reports suggest that over 7,00,000 cancer cases are registered every year. They can be prevented and treated if detected at an early ... Read More »

Glucose Tablets Likely Better For Easing Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

When people with diabetes experience a dangerous drop in blood sugar, glucose tablets might be a better option than a sugary food or drink, a study suggests. People with diabetes can develop hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, if they skip a meal, exercise harder than usual or take too much insulin or other diabetes medications. Low blood sugar can cause ... Read More »

Early Menopausal Symptoms May Predict Heart Disease

Women who experience menopausal symptoms — hot flashes and night sweats — much earlier are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) as compared to those with later onset of such symptoms, says research. Up to 80 per cent of women experience menopausal symptoms at some point during the menopause transition, said Professor Rebecca Thurston from the University of ... Read More »

Symptoms Associated With Technical Debt And Its Features

In the field of development cycle, there are different places where tech debt can rear its head. It might even cause problems, for the product you are developing, in near future. For tackling such problems, relating to tech debt, team first needs to understand the materials of debt, ways to identify it, and address its presence in current system. This ... Read More »

Glaucoma: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye in which fluid pressure within the eye rises – if left untreated the patient may lose vision, and even become blind. The disease generally affects both eyes, although one may have more severe signs and symptoms than the other. There is a small space in the front of the eye called the “anterior ... Read More »