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These Dow stocks should rally if yen plunges

The dollar was surging against the yen as the Bank of Japan took the stunning step Friday of adopting negative interest rates in a bid to revive the country’s economy and protect against deflation. What do you buy if this big devaluation by Japan sparks a sustained rally higher in the dollar? The yen was down about 2 percent versus ... Read More »

Should you be worried about Activision?

Activision-Blizzard broke an incredible streak Thursday when it reported its disappointing fiscal fourth-quarter results. For the first time in 10 years, it missed its revenue guidance, said Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities. And if it hadn’t been for a congressional decision in December to reinstate investment tax credits for increasing research spending, it would have missed its earnings per share ... Read More »

Cramer: Yellen should say ‘we can’t get derailed’

In her second day of congressional testimony, Fed Chair Janet Yellenshould do a better job of stressing the importance of market stability, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Thursday. “This would be a great time for her to put a stake in the ground saying we’re the engine. We’re the locomotive. We can’t get derailed,” Cramer said on “Squawk on the Street.” ... Read More »

These stocks should be this week’s big movers

“Buy low and sell high” is a simple investing adage that not only makes basic sense, but is backed by historical data. But this philosophy is not just for fundamental investors. Technical analysts use statistics to find “overbought” and “oversold” stocks based on their trading history. Using Kensho, a quantitative analytics tool used by hedge funds, we ran a screen ... Read More »

Why oil should NOT be dictating stock moves: Citi

As oil prices tumble, stocks have followed. The relationship between crude and stocks, which has taken center stage in this tumultuous new year, is “unwarranted,” Citi chief U.S. equity strategist Tobias Levkovich said Monday “I think the relationship between oil and the markets are overdone and I think the reason that people focus on it is they’re thinking about it ... Read More »

The Fed should stay its course: Strategist

The rally of the past two days seems to be policy rhetoric driven, Kate Moore, chief investment strategist at JP Morgan Private Bank, said in an interview with CNBC. The comments came as stocks attempted to make gains Thursday and Friday, after the worst three-week losing streak for all three major averages. Many market watchers have attributed the current volatility ... Read More »

Car Refinancing – A Money-Saver Route That You Should Seriously Consider

Millions of homeowners have been able to make substantial savings in recent years by refinancing their mortgages. While the plunge in interest rates has displeased savers, it has proved to be a real boon for borrowers. The drop of around 3% in the mortgage rates in just the last four years or so has translated into fairly substantial savings for ... Read More »

What Plaintiffs Should Know Before Applying for Pending Lawsuit Loans

All across United States, cash-strapped plaintiffs are making a beeline for obtaining loans against anticipated favorable settlements so that they can tide over the intervening financially-difficult times. However, since by and large the sector is self-regulated and there is not much of exposure in the mass media, there is a whole lot of misinformation in the minds of the public ... Read More »