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Nokia sales grew throughout 2017, reached a total of 8.45 million units

HMD took it slow when it resurrected the Nokia brand. It initially launched the Nokia 6 in China and managed to sell 100,000 units in the first quarter (per IDC numbers). Its confidence grew and expanded to more regions and introduced more models. Q2 saw the introduction of the Nokia 5 and 3. Sales jumped up significantly as those two (along with ... Read More »

We’ve officially reached peak smartphone, but real innovation is still within reach

Samsung’s smartphone problem can be summed up by a single phrase slipped into last year’s fourth quarter earnings statement: “softening demand.” People just aren’t buying as many smartphones as they used to, and in 2016 they’ll be less inclined to immediately upgrade once a new model is announced. This isn’t just a Samsung problem. Apple is also feeling the pressure—in his earnings call ... Read More »