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A third of all PC gamers on Steam use Windows 10

Windows 10 usage might be growing among regular users, but it’s downrightskyrocketing with gamers. Steam’s monthly hardware and software survey for January shows that Windows 10 usage stood around 34 percent—more than one-third of the platform’s Windows user base. (Just over 95 percent of all Steam users use Windows operating systems.) The majority of those users, 32.77 percent, were rocking the 64-bit ... Read More »

Turn a barebones PC into a graphics powerhouse with AMD’s new FirePro server GPUs

If you have an under-powered PC but need the horsepower to see high-definition video or edit intense graphics, AMD has your back. AMD’s new FirePro S7150 and S7150 x2 GPUs, which sit in servers, can deliver “virtualized GPUs” to client devices and remote desktops. A virtual GPU mimics the functionality of a GPU on local hardware, and users can run ... Read More »