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Nasa’s latest Mars craft nears landing for unprecedented seismic mission

Nasa’s first spacecraft built to explore the deep interior of another world streaked toward a landing scheduled for Monday on a vast, barren plain on Mars, carrying instruments to detect planetary heat and seismic rumblings never measured anywhere but Earth. After sailing 301 million miles (548 million km) on a six-month voyage through deep space, the robotic lander InSight was ... Read More »

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Images Distant Galaxy With New Computer Code

HIGHLIGHTS Astronomers have obtained images 10 times sharper than what Hubble gave The reconstructed image revealed two dozen clumps of newborn stars The galaxy imaged appeared 11 billion years ago By applying a new computational analysis to a distant galaxy, astronomers have obtained images 10 times sharper than what Hubble could achieve on its own, NASA has said. The results show ... Read More »

Nasa’s Hubble Telescope Shows Formative Years of Quasars

By using Hubble Space Telescopes infrared vision, astronomers have uncovered the mysterious early formative years of quasars, the brightest objects in the universe.Hubble’s sharp images unveil the chaotic collisions of galaxies that fuel quasars by feeding supermassive central black holes with gas. “The Hubble observations are definitely telling us that the peak of quasar activity in the early universe is ... Read More »