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Millions of Americans Can Claim More Stimulus Money Starting Today

President Joe Biden made coronavirus stimulus relief his first priority when he took office in January 2021. By March, the Democrats had passed his proposed COVID-19 aid bill, the American Rescue Plan Act, on a party line basis. The American Rescue Plan Act provided several different forms of financial relief, including: $1,400 stimulus checks for eligible adults and qualifying dependents ... Read More »

Millions Suffer As India Struggles To Introduce Dengue Vaccines

NEW DELHI:  Dengue is a dangerous debilitating disease that occasionally kills people and has no known cure or treatment. Two vaccines against the dreaded disease – one foreign and one Indian – await regulatory clearances. A multi-national pharma giant seeks waiver for a large clinical trial to be done so that the vaccine can be introduced as soon as possible ... Read More »

The standoff over the transgender ‘lavatory invoice’ is costing tens of millions

The financial energy of the LGBT rights motion is set to be put to the check within the standoff over a so-called “toilet invoice” in North Carolina. LGBT advocates are renewing their requires boycotts after North Carolina legislators adjourned past dueFriday with out making great adjustments to the regulation, which calls for transgender human beings to apply public toilets and ... Read More »

Intel’s Brian Krzanich says 5G networking will let millions of drones roam the earth

Millions of drones, roaming the earth. No, it’s not a scene from The Terminator—it’s an example of what fifth-generation, or 5G, networking will eventually enable. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich used a small drone as a prop during a Monday panel at Mobile World Congress, where he discussed the impact of faster, stronger wireless networks on our lives. As Krzanich dandled ... Read More »

People are buying millions and millions of wearables

The worldwide market for wearable computing devices saw a huge expansion in the last quarter of 2015 and solid growth should continue, although not at the same blistering pace. Wearable vendors, led by Fitbit and Apple, shipped 27.4 million devices in the fourth quarter of 2015, up a whopping 126.9 percent from the last quarter of 2014, according to research ... Read More »