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How Vevo plans to get you hooked on music videos again

In theory, Vevo should be one of my favorite streaming-video apps. I’m a big music fan, and Vevo is like a modern interpretation of classic MTV, serving up more than 150,000 music-video streams on demand. Yet whenever I install Vevo on one of my TV-streaming boxes, I find myself liking the idea more than the product itself. Unless you’re into ... Read More »

How top CNBC traders play defense

Where do you hide during the relentless sell-off in stocks this year? CNBC Pro reached out to the “Halftime Report” traders to find out some of the ways investors can play defense during these turbulent times. Through Thursday, it’s the worst start to a year on record with the S&P 500 down 11 percent in 28 trading days, according to ... Read More »

How real people help Cortana, Siri, and other virtual assistants feel alive

When users first try virtual assistants (like Siri, Google Now, Cortana, M or Alexa), they’re struck by the idea that they’re talking to a computer, rather than a person. That much sounds obvious. In reality, however, the responses from virtual assistants are far more human than most people assume. In fact, every response is carefully crafted by a person or ... Read More »

How ETF industry is handling rough market run

of ETF Trends noted that the industry continues to diversify, and investors have avenues to play current trends. He highlighted some funds that bet against oil or China, or others that are tailored to a rising interest rate environment, adding that some investors are buying into wider index funds on weakness. In fact, the S&P Trust ETF has seen the ... Read More »

Trade it: How to play king dollar if ECB eases

The European Central Bank’s Mario Draghi warned Thursday that downside risks are increasing and it may be necessary to revise monetary policy in March. If he follows through on his talk it has the potential to tank the euroversus the U.S. dollar, reigniting the multiyear king dollar trade. CNBC Pro searched for the big winners and losers under this scenario. ... Read More »

How will the Fed respond to the market—and does it even matter?

Central bank policy was top of mind on Wall Street on Thursday, but experts were divided in deciphering the path forward. Less than a week before the next Federal Reserve meeting, theEuropean Central Bank outlined an unusually pointed plan for weakening the euro. With other central banks loosening money supplies amid vacillating U.S. equity markets, the Fed is now faced ... Read More »

How Netflix could reach $200 per share: Analyst

Netflix shares could nearly double in the next three to four years, Mark Mahaney, analyst at RBC Capital markets, told CNBC on Tuesday. “In terms of long-term valuation, the way we think about the stock is we think this is a company that can generate $10 [annual earnings per share] in long-term earnings power,” Mahaney said in an interview with ... Read More »