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Trustpilot consumer insights: Companies that give back and consumer expectations on building a better world

A lot has changed in terms of how consumers want to spend their money and what drives them to shop with a specific brand. Until recently, things like price, desirable product features, or good customer service were factors that gave brands enough competitive edge to win over their share of the market. With new challenger brands springing up left and ... Read More »

Apple iPhone event could mark turning point in spite of low expectations, say analysts

With a declining stock, and general negative sentiment against the company, Apple needs to get its mojo back. But lukewarm expectations ahead of Wednesday’s product launch in San Francisco — where CEO Tim Cook is expected to introduce the iPhone 7, among other things — could help push the stock higher in coming months, say analysts. Apple’s fortunes have become ... Read More »

Expectations high this year for a VR shakeup

With Facebook’s Oculus, Sony’s Morpheus and HTC’s Vive headsets getting ready to launch this year, expectations are high for virtual reality to shake up video games. But that’s not all; virtual and augmented reality technology is expected to disrupt a range of industries. “There’s architecture, there’s automotive,” said Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe to CNBC. “I think you’re going to see ... Read More »