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Pershing Square Capital lays off eight personnel: Dow Jones

Pershing Square Capital Control is shedding 8 decrease–level employees, largely from lower back–officeroles in technology and investor offerings, resources told Dow Jones. Invoice Ackman, who runs the hedge fund, informed his staff this week that the cuts had not anything to do with the fund’s slumping overall performance, in line with the document. Alternatively, he attributed thechanges to improvements in ... Read More »

The round range effect: Why Dow 18,000 may additionally be counted

The Dow’s ruin above 18,000 this week should properly point the manner to in addition gains. opinions on Wall street absolutely seem like divided at the significance of indices growing above round-numbered tiers, such as the 18,000 that the Dow Jones commercial common rose above on Monday. somesay that “mental importance” is tied to these levels. The notion is that ... Read More »

These Dow stocks should rally if yen plunges

The dollar was surging against the yen as the Bank of Japan took the stunning step Friday of adopting negative interest rates in a bid to revive the country’s economy and protect against deflation. What do you buy if this big devaluation by Japan sparks a sustained rally higher in the dollar? The yen was down about 2 percent versus ... Read More »