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Do Doctors Know Much About Food And Nutrition? Probably Not!

When Americans hear about a health craze, they may turn to their physician for advice: Will that superfood really boost brain function? Is that supplement okay for me to take? Or they may be interested in food choices because of obesity, malnutrition or the role of diet in chronic disease. But a doctor may not be a reliable source. Experts ... Read More »

Artificial Intelligence Better At Diagnosing Skin Cancer Than Doctors

Is machine finally better than man? Well, in diagnosing skin cancer perhaps it is. Researchers have shown for the first time that a variant of artificial intelligence called deep learning convolutional neural network, or CNN, is better than dermatologists at detecting skin cancer. In a study published in the Annals of Oncology journal, researchers from the United States, France, and Germany taught a CNN ... Read More »

Doctors are saying that fish foot spa may spread HIV and hepatitis! Is it true?

Fish foot spa may spread HIV and hepatitis!   FISH FOOT SPA MAY SPREAD HIV AND HEPATITIS: The hard selling trend of fish foot spa, which has spread across the world now, has left the doctors warning us about its potential health risks. Fish foot spa/pedicures can spread infections such as HIV and hepatitis, warns government’s Health Protection Agency. According to ... Read More »

Kept in the Dark About Doctors, but Having to Pick a Health Plan

It’s open enrollment season, for Affordable Care Act marketplace plans, Medicare Advantage plans and many employer-sponsored plans as well. Lots of evidence suggests you should shop around, and shop carefully, though this is harder than it sounds. When you select a health care plan, you probably consider premiums, and maybe you check deductibles and other cost sharing. But you can’t easily scrutinize ... Read More »

Doctors arm immune system to fight cervical cancer cells

Doctors arm immune system to fight cervical cancer cells (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) Doctors were bewildered when they went through the case sheet of a woman who was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer nearly 10 years ago. More than a year after a full dose of radiotherapy, cancerhad spread to the lung. By then the disease should have claimed her life. ... Read More »

Female doctors better at treating elderly, finds Harvard study

Representative image Female doctors are better than male doctors in treating elderly patients in hospitals, according to a new study led by researchers from Harvard University. They found that chances of patients dying or getting readmitted in the next 30 days went down if the doctors were women. It is the first time that a study has documented how male ... Read More »

Survey: 50% doctors at risk of cardiovascular diseases

    Survey: 50% doctors at risk of cardiovascular diseases A study covering 250 doctors and nurses in a medical college hospital close to Chennai found that around 50% of the medical practitioners surveyed were at high risk for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) -close to double than that of the general population. A team from the SRM Medical College Hospital and ... Read More »

Smoke From Fire Crackers Can Damage Respiratory System, Say Doctors

NEW DELHI: With numerous cases of burns and irritation reported every year during Diwali, health experts on Wednesday cautioned people to avoid fire crackers as their smoke can cause damage to the respiratory tract, especially among children suffering from asthma. Health experts here said people having a healthy respiratory system can suffer from lung-related problems after getting exposed to the ... Read More »

Doctors Grapple With Best Use Of Potent New Cancer Drugs

COPENHAGEN: Evelyn O’Flynn still has lung cancer. But after going straight on to a new immune system-boosting drug more than a year ago, rather than traditional hard-to-tolerate chemotherapy, she is feeling great. “It’s like a miracle,” said the 72-year-old ex-smoker, who is about to become a great-grandmother. As a patient being treated with Merck & Co’s immunotherapy drug Keytruda, O’Flynn ... Read More »

Chewable Tobacco Major Health Threat, Needs Regulation: Doctors

NEW DELHI: Chewable tobacco is emerging as a major threat in India when it comes to causing cancer that affects 11 lakh people a year, top doctors today said while urging the government to increase taxation on it to reduce its consumption. Over 700 delegates from around 15 foreign countries have gathered in Delhi for a four-day global conference on ... Read More »