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Your thyroid will thank you if you do this

6, 03.34 PM IST Last year I hit 40, the big four-zero, and a lot of things started to change for me. I felt my body metabolism slowing down – leading to constipation, weight gain, fatigue; my skin and hair began to lose the lustre and shine it had during my 30s and emotionally I noticed myself becoming a bit ... Read More »

Intel Kaby Lake Review: What optimization can do for a 14nm CPU

When Intel’s Kaby Lake CPU arrived at our doorstep in the form of Dell’s XPS 13 laptop, it was wrapped in foreboding. Hardware fans have long been in denial about the inevitable end of Moore’s Law. With Kaby Lake, Intel’s abandoned its relentless “tick-tock” march in favor of a slower “process-architecture-optimize” stroll. Semiconductor doomsday seemed nigh. Kaby Lake is the first CPU ... Read More »

Here’s what you should know, and do, about the Yahoo breach

Yahoo’s announcement that state-sponsored hackers have stolen the details of at least 500 million accounts shocks both through scale—it’s the largest data breach ever—and the potential security implications for users. That’s because Yahoo, unlike MySpace, LinkedIn and other online services that suffered large breaches in recent years, is an email provider; and email accounts are central to users’ online lives. ... Read More »

“Please do not create obstacles for education”: Manish Sisodia to PM

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised on the need for a “Garib Kalyan” agenda, Aam Admi Party enquired if BJP-ruled states would allot the maximum share of funds on education, health and employment generation in their budgets. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia urged the Prime Minister to refrain from “creating obstacles” for the Delhi government and told him ... Read More »

IIT Jammu to be inaugurated tomorrow: HRD Minister Javadekar to do the honour

The new Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) transit campus in Jammu will be inaugurated tomorrow on August 6 by Union Minister for Human Resource and Development Prakash Javadekar. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Department of Higher Education, Jammu & Kashmir and the Department of Higher Education in the HRD Ministry, on May 1, 2016. Replying to ... Read More »

Do you want to get hired by a startup? Keep these factors in mind while applying to companies after college

Working at a startup is like building a plane while it is in the air. It needs all of three – skill set, mind set and tool set. Startups look for candidates who are willing to work extra hours, ready to wear multiple hats, who are prepared for new challenges and uncertainties every day and are highly self-driven. The current ... Read More »

Excessive assessments do not benefit patient, do boom fee in age-related immune ailment

A series of tests physicians robotically order to assist diagnose and follow their sufferers with an improvedantibody level that is a marker for cancer hazard, frequently do no longer benefit the affected person but doboom health care costs, pathologists record. A examine in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology shows that as opposed to ordering man or womantests, physicians request ... Read More »

Cannabinoids do away with plaque-forming Alzheimer’s proteins from mind cells

Salk Institute scientists have found initial evidence that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compoundsfound in marijuana can promote the cell elimination of amyloid beta, a poisonous protein associated withAlzheimer’s disorder. Even as those exploratory research had been performed in neurons grown inside the laboratory, they’llprovide perception into the function of irritation in Alzheimer’s disorder and will offer clues to developingnovel therapeutics ... Read More »

On Friday the thirteenth, which exchange do you worry maximum?

In honor of Friday the thirteenth and all of those with Paraskevidekatriaphobia available, we need tounderstand if there are any trades in Friday’s market that you certainly fear. it can be the worry of purchasing a stock, or now not shopping for a inventory? possibly it is a fear ofselling some thing you already very own, or no longer selling ... Read More »

Laser recommendations ‘do now not harm the eyesight of aircraft pilots’

ile pointing a laser beam at airplane cockpits can distract pilots, placing the group and passengersvulnerable to damage, there may be no evidence to signify the beams can damage their eyesight. that isthe realization of an editorial recently published inside the British magazine of Ophthalmology. [A red laser beam] Laser hints might not harm the eyesight of pilots, however they ... Read More »