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Microsoft Reveals Plans to Store Data in DNA

HIGHLIGHTS Microsoft is mulling storing its data into DNA strands An MIT report suggests Microsoft will be able to do it within this decade Scientists have been able to record 215 petabytes in a single DNA strand Microsoft is planning to start storing its data on strands of DNA within the next few years, the company’s computer architects have revealed. ... Read More »

Smoking cigarettes may change your DNA permanently

Smoking cigarettes may change your DNA permanently (Picture Courtesy-Shutterstock Images) Smoking is one of the biggest culprits causing fatal diseases such as cancer and heart disease. But what most of us don’t know is that smoking has the capability to change our genes. Not only that, it is said to have a lasting impact on our DNA. This also goes ... Read More »

Your DNA can tell how many kids you’ll have

Your DNA can tell how many kids you’ll have (Getty Images photo) The age at which you will have your first child and the number of kids you are likely to have may be encoded in your DNA, say scientists who found that genetic data can be used to accurately predict our reproductive behaviour. The study , led by researchers ... Read More »

Timing Of Your First Child May Be Coded In DNA

Timing Of Your First Child May Be Coded In DNA 12 specific areas of DNA sequence are robustly related with the age at which we have our first child LONDON: If you thought when you would have your first kid strictly depends on your personal choices or social circumstances, think again! Researchers have found that there is also a biological ... Read More »

DNA markers hyperlink season of delivery, allergic reaction chance

Researchers on the university of Southampton have determined precise markers on DNA that hyperlinkthe season of birth to danger of allergic reaction in later life. The season someone is born in affects a extensive variety of things: from threat of allergic disorder, toheight and lifespan. but little is known approximately how a one-time exposure just like the season ofstart has ... Read More »

Full extraction: Scientists elaborated a new method to extract DNA from viruses, bacteria, plants and animals

Immunology — and the idea that many diseases can best be addressed by boosting the body’s own immune response — is one of the hottest areas in medical research and clinical treatment. University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Chiba University School of Medicine in Japan have announced a new collaborative research center to investigate the most promising ... Read More »

Repairing DNA damage in the human body

Workers representing the repair system known as nucleotide excision repair (NER), repairing DNA and snakes, representing proteins that bind DNA at gene promoters, potentially preventing them from doing this. Credit: Jackie Mostek UNSW medical scientists have discovered that DNA repair is compromised at important regions of our genome, shedding new light on the human body’s capacity to repair DNA damage. ... Read More »