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Elizabeth Warren On Student Debt Collectors And More Education News

As we head toward Tax Day, we’ve got student debt and state education plans on our minds in another edition of the NPR Ed Team’s weekly roundup. Student debt We reported at the start of the week that the total balance of student loan debt has nearly tripled in the past decade to $1.3 trillion. That growth is happening in ... Read More »

The Black Hole Of Technical Debt And Ways To Escape From It

Technical debt if not recovered may occur technical bankruptcy. Poor maintenance of software may lead to such condition. The traditional software programs involve a phrase based approach to present advancement. Construction of new feature and updating of the software is done in the new phase. In each step, new construction is very necessary. This not only enhances the software but ... Read More »

Ways To Create Balance Between Various Technical Debt Solutions

There are various forms of debts, when you are thinking about technical debt. Some of the basic ones are tactical debt, strategic debt, incremental and inadvertent debt. You have to look down at breakdown of tech debt, along with its symptoms and how you are about to use it for slowing down the development procedures. For this, the first step ... Read More »

Symptoms Associated With Technical Debt And Its Features

In the field of development cycle, there are different places where tech debt can rear its head. It might even cause problems, for the product you are developing, in near future. For tackling such problems, relating to tech debt, team first needs to understand the materials of debt, ways to identify it, and address its presence in current system. This ... Read More »

undergo market in rising debt is over: BlackRock

rising markets must continue to outperform this year, regardless of the lingering issues of sluggishincrease, growing inflation and an excessive amount of debt, in step with BlackRock’s rising markets team. despite the gains, BlackRock says the endure marketplace in emerging market debt is over. BlackRock’s EMcrew, which manages $12.3 billion, says the headwinds from in advance in the yr are ... Read More »

Investors have a change of heart on debt

It increasingly looks like the best of times for corporate borrowers but the worst of times for private equity firms. A Dickensian tale is playing out in bond markets, where investment-grade corporate bond issuance took off in February but high-yield issuances remain low and are regarded as practically toxic in 2016. “So far in 2016, global junk bond volume and ... Read More »

Energy debt trouble raises recession risk: Yusko

Morgan Creek Capital Management chief Mark Yusko said Monday he’s on the same page with Carl Icahn when the billionaire investor says there’s danger ahead in credit markets. Yusko, who last year correctly forecast crude oil would fall to $30 a barrel by the end of 2015, said trouble in the energy industry, which accounts for roughly 15 to 20 ... Read More »