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Does your company need a chief data officer?

It’s a rare business today that doesn’t depend on data in some significant way, but does that mean most companies need a chief data officer? That’s a question on more than a few executive minds in this big-data era, particularly as analyst firms wax increasingly enthusiastic about the role. Gartner, for instance, recentlysaid it expects 90 percent of large organizations ... Read More »

Data: Apple primed to beat earnings estimates

Apple’s shares are down more than 16 percent the last three months versus an approximately 10 percent decline for the S&P 500 andNasdaq as investors and analysts lower their expectations for the company’s earnings report Tuesday evening. Many investors are betting the tech giant may actually surprise with an earnings per share beat, according to Estimize, a crowdsourced financial estimates ... Read More »

Fitness trackers are leaking lots of your data, study finds

Some of the more popular sports wearables don’t just let you track your fitness, they let other people track you. That’s what Canadian researchers found when they studied fitness-tracking devices from eight manufacturers, along with their companion mobile apps. All the devices studied except for the Apple Watch transmitted a persistent, unique Bluetooth identifier, allowing them to be tracked by ... Read More »

Microsoft’s audacious Project Natick wants to submerge your data in the oceans

Microsoft Research has a new concept that could bring data centers powering cloud services closer to roughly half of the world’s population. All it requires is a custom submarine capsule designed to go five years at a time without a visit from a technician. The company’s R&D department recently went public with Project Natick, a data center enclosed in a ... Read More »