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Hometown hookup: Alaska Air shifts to T-Mobile from AT&T in new link between Seattle companies

Alaska Airlines plans to shift the majority of its behind-the-scenes wireless business to T-Mobile — creating a new connection between two Seattle-area companies, and illustrating the Bellevue-based wireless carrier’s growth potential in providing 5G services to large government and business customers. T-Mobile rival AT&T had been Alaska’s longtime wireless carrier, although T-Mobile and Alaska did not mention that fact in announcing ... Read More »

iPhone X Face ID Fooled on Video, Fails to Identify Between Mother and Son

While Face ID, Apple’s native facial recognition technology, is one of the key compelling features of the iPhone X, it seems to have some loopholes. Some security researchers have already claimed to have fooled Face ID with 3D-printed masks. And now, a mother and her 10-year-old son show how Face ID can be fooled, failing to secure the experience between family members. At the time ... Read More »

‘Minecraft: The Island’ Blurs the Line Between Fiction and Gaming

The protagonist of Max Brooks’s new fantasy novel doesn’t have a name, a gender or even normal human appendages. Instead of hands, the narrator has clumsy, flesh-toned cubes, just one more weird feature of the strange and unsettling world where the story unfolds, where everything — the sun, clouds, cows, mushrooms, watermelons — is composed of squares. For the uninitiated, ... Read More »

A Conversation between Two Friends = Why Should You Renew Your Car Insurance Online?

It was a few years ago when Anjali bought her first car. She did everything to keep her car in a perfect condition— she got it timely serviced and insured it with a comprehensive car insurance policy. As she had limited knowledge about online procedures, she always preferred to rely on her agent for her policy renewal. However, her best ... Read More »

Google turns up the integration between Home, Play Music with new personalized playlists

One of the greatest features of having a voice-powered speaker in our homes is the ability to play a song when the moment strikes. Google Home has always included support for Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and TuneIn, letting you fill your house with music just by asking, but now it’s making its own service a whole lot smarter. Subscribers to ... Read More »

Cancer cases increase by 33% between 2005 and 2015: Study

Cancer cases increase by 33% between 2005 and 2015: Study (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) US researchers have found that between 2005 and 2015, cancer cases increased by 33 percent, mostly due to population aging and growth plus changes in age-specific cancer rates. According to a new report from the Global Burden of Disease Cancer Collaboration published online by JAMA Oncology, there ... Read More »

Oncologist Debunks Link Between Mobile Towers And Cancer

Do You Know What You Need to Retire at 60? (Big decisions) EMAIL PRINT 4 COMMENTS Oncologist Debunks Link Between Mobile Towers And Cancer It is believed that proximity to mobile towers may increase cancer risk. (Representational Photo) A prominent oncologist today ruled out any link between cancer and mobile towers and demanded that more such towers should come up ... Read More »

Ways To Create Balance Between Various Technical Debt Solutions

There are various forms of debts, when you are thinking about technical debt. Some of the basic ones are tactical debt, strategic debt, incremental and inadvertent debt. You have to look down at breakdown of tech debt, along with its symptoms and how you are about to use it for slowing down the development procedures. For this, the first step ... Read More »

Cramer: Linkage between oil & stocks about to snap

Lately, it seemed to Jim Cramer that the crazy linkage between oil and stocks would last forever. Whenever oil would go up, the market would rally; whenever oil went down, stocks were crushed. “That is lunacy, as I’ve said repeatedly, because the vast, vast majority of companies in the S&P actually benefit from cheaper crude,” the “Mad Money” host said. ... Read More »