Sony brags about the Xperia XZ2 Premium’s high ISO video recording in latest promo

Sony’s Xperia XZ2 Premium might not be cheap at all, but it packs some neat goodies. Here’s an example: it has the world’s highest ISO sensitivity video recording in a smartphone, namely ISO12800. Did you know that?

If not, Sony wants to tell (or rather, show) you all about it. Hence it’s created a new promo video for the handset, which you can see below.

For still images, the camera system is able to go up to ISO51200. The description on YouTube says the XZ2 Premium is “engineered to capture detail beyond what the human eye can see”. That’s because human eye can only see ISO1600.

The two redesigned 7-piece lenses with large apertures on the back of the device ensure that you create clear movies and photos in extreme low light conditions, and that’s something we can definitely appreciate.