Million Dollar Lotto Ticket Sold in Twin Falls

Someone in Twin Falls County is never going to forget the new year. People make a resolution to earn more money each year with feasible hopes, but as a matter of fact, not many people are able to achieve them. But someone in the Twin Falls County might not have even considered making a resolution but guess what he did? He bought a lottery ticket that is going to give him a million dollars.

So, a little tip for the next time you make a new year resolution from a fellow Idahoian “Just buy a lottery ticket.”

But the interesting part of the story is that the lucky winner has not yet claimed the prize money. The Idaho lottery was announced on January 3, but nobody has come up for claiming the money.

It would be really cool if the winner calls the Idaho lottery’s hotline number and starts chanting “Show me the money” a famous dialogue of Cuba Goddings Jr. from the movie ‘Jerry Maguire.’

Although, it would be regrettable if the winner lost the ticket. I mean one can’t even start to process the pain a person would feel after doing so.

Seriously, ask yourself how you would feel over not finding your lottery ticket which can give you a million dollars and to be precise it would be over 7 crores in the Indian currency.

The figure of 7 crores would mean a lot for any Indian. And I am sure that a Gujarati or a Rajasthani fellow would double this figure in a couple of years. Their primary choice would be to invest and not even spend a single penny on themselves. Leaving them aside; the figure of 7 crores would completely change the dynamics of an average Indian household.

But is it really possible to win a lottery that can make you a Crorepati?

Well, there will be soon a platform available in India to win that kind of money. Lottoland, a premier brand in selling online international lottery tickets and scratch cards is ready to mark its presence in the Indian cyberspace by launching its website for Indian operations. Lottoland possesses the power of dismantling all the current lottery trends present in India. I guess it’s time for India to “win the lotto.”

Happiness is Coming to India!