Punjab Hospital Opens Mobile De-Addiction Centre

Punjab Hospital Opens Mobile De-Addiction Centre

Mobile addiction is the most common addiction these days, said Punjab doctor.


A hospital in Punjab opened a mobile de-addiction centre in Amritsar. The hospital also has the state’s first women drug de-addiction centre.

The centre is currently being run by a team of seven members, including a psychiatrist, two pharmacists and three counselors – social, occupational and family counselors. The mobile de-addiction centre is treating patients who are addicted to using their smartphones.

“It is the most common addiction these days and develops disastrous behaviour in children, like self-harm,” said Dr Jag Deep Pal Bhatia, a neuropsychiatric.

“Most of the teenagers now stay alone all day in order to use their phone. They have stopped interacting in the real world and signs of mental distress can be seen even in young age due to this addiction,” teh doctor added.

The idea of to open a mobile de-addiction centre came into his mind after parents across Punjab started visiting him seeking counselling for their children who are addicted to their mobile phones.

“Children who visit us regularly have seen improvement,” he added.

Nidhi, a parent said, “My son uses the phone all day, he forgets to eat and has stopped going outside to play. When I try to take the phone away from him he gets angry at me and starts crying. That is why I have enrolled him in this de-addiction program.”

“Parents should also interact more with the children and they should also use their phone less around children because the children learn from their parents,” she added.