Nintendo Switch sales update, price news and games reveal

The top Nintendo Switch sales, price and games news from this week

The top Nintendo Switch sales, price and games news from this week
While the Switch faces a tough market, with the Xbox One and PS4 already firmly established and offering a big library of titles, it appears Nintendo have found a big niche.

We already know that the console’s first weekend made it the fastest selling-hardware for Nintendo in that historical period in many regions around the globe.

And now we also know that impressive Nintendo Switch sales have continued into the console’s first week.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed as much in a recent interview with Katie Linendoll, revealing that the good times have rolled over to the first five days, at least in the United States.

“So now we have data for the US five days in, it continues to be the best-selling system we’ve ever had in the United States, and I’ve launched five systems now with Nintendo,” he revealed.

“And by far this is the most remarkable given the pace of sales, given what’s happening on the software front – obviously Legend of Zelda – so this is an amazing time for us.”

If that proves true for other key regions, such as Europe and Japan, it could mean that the Nintendo Switch will prove a real winner for the company in the long run.

While the Nintendo Switch sales have a set target of reaching 2m by the end of March, it appears that outside analysts have been left impressed by its initial market impact.

So impressed in fact that some believe it could continue its current levels and reach a big milestone in little over a year.

IDC’s research director for gaming and VR/AR, Lewis Ward is one that has pegged the Nintendo Switch sales to continue to rise through the end of first quarter-2018.

“Switch is on track to ship 2 million by the end of March, so that’s a solid start,” Ward told CNBC. “I expect the Switch to sell much better in its first year than Wii U, but fewer than Wii did in the same period.

“Breath of the Wild is being heralded as one of the best games of the year already. I suspect that this Zelda launch title is a key reason why first week sales have been strong.”

The Nintendo Switch price online has also lifted to new heights, following the console becoming sold out at many retailers. While fans in the UK have the chance to pre-purchase at Amazon and GAME, there are currently few other alternatives to turn to.

But they may also want to avoid the only other choices open to them, that of paying over the odds on online marketplaces. It appears that those who were lucky enough to secure a Nintendo Switch Pre Order are now eyeing the profit of selling it online.

Current prices range from $350, all the way up to the $700-mark. The higher prices usually come with a few Nintendo Switch games included, although they’re still way over the normal retail price of a console.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild headlines the Nintendo Switch launch list

The Nintendo Switch games list has some top titles included in it, the only problem is that there aren’t that many of them to buy right now.

And while the Japanese games giant has a few other big releases coming up this year – Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – there will still be a small collection to choose from.

However, Nintendo also have a big collection of eShop titles coming out this year, a total of over 60 so far confirmed. Thursday, March 9 saw the release of eight new games, all via the Nintendo eShop, including:

  • Blaster Master Zero
  • Nam-1975
  • The King of Fighters ‘98
  • Waku Waku 7
  • Metal Slug 3
  • World Heroes Perfect
  • Shock Troopers
  • VOEZ

It should be noted that VOEZ is the first touchscreen-only game being released on the Nintendo Switch, although more are likely to launch in the future. The other six games are part of the ACA NEOGEO series on the eShop, which are all ports of the original NEOGEO games; costing around $7.99.

Last week also saw the release of I AM SETSUNA on Nintendo Switch, the debut title from new Square Enix studio, Tokyo RPG Factory.

It brings players classic-style JRPG adventure, “following the story of Setsuna, a young woman of incredible power and inner strength, on her journey of sacrifice to save the people of her land.