Maruti S-Cross Petrol in the works: Will the Hyundai Creta feel the heat?

Maruti Suzuki, it seems is all set to introduce a petrol-engined version of the S-Cross, a crossover that is doing  pretty well in terms of sales numbers. An ad on Google shows the Maruti S-Cross Petrol variant and also offers  prospective buyers a test drive. The ad also indicates that the starting price of the Maruti S-Cross Petrol would be  about Rs. 8.1 lakh, which makes it about Rs. 50,000 cheaper than the diesel variants, which start at Rs. 8.6 lakh.

More of a raised hatchback than an SUV, the Maruti S-Cross sells over 4,000 copies every month despite being  available only with a solitary diesel engine option. The addition of the petrol engine to the S-Cross could boost  sales by quite a bit, and make the vehicle a much better seller.

In fact, the S-Cross already sells better than most other compact SUVs sold in India including the Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano. Only the Hyundai Creta, which does close to 10,000 monthly units in sales on an average, outsells the S-Cross.

The  S-Cross Petrol is likely to pack the 1.5-litre K-Series petrol motor, which will soon be introduced in the  facelifted Ciaz. This engine makes 104 Bhp and 138 Nm, and also gets a mild hybrid system called Suzuki Vehicle Hybrid System (SHVS). The same combination is expected to be offered on the S-Cross Petrol as well.

Notably, the 1.5-litre K-Series petrol engine will also be offered on the upcoming, 2nd-generation Maruti Ertiga. So,  it makes sense for Maruti to offer this engine on the S-Cross as well considering the economies of scale. The S-Cross  Diesel, which is already on sale, is also a mild hybrid. The introduction of SHVS technology on the S-Cross Petrol will make it India’s first petrol hybrid compact SUV.

The Hyundai Creta is likely to the feel the heat from the S-Cross petrol. Currently, the Hyundai Creta is India’s most well-rounded SUV as it offers multiple petrol and diesel engines, along with both manual and automatic transmission options. Considering the big reach that Maruti Suzuki has in India, the S-Cross Petrol could eat into sales of the Hyundai Creta’s petrol variants.