Life Coaching Industry Turning To Online Technologies To Reach New Customers

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As more customers become comfortable and familiar with online communication platforms such as messenger, text, and video conferencing, the coaching industry is now capitalizing on this by launching a new online life coach platform.

Over the years, many customers would be subjugated to having to sit in traffic and drive across town to meet with their coach in their office wasting upwards of two hours of their time. Many of the clients have expressed how inconvenient this has been for them especially when many are students or business owners who do not have that amount of time to waste.

“It’s really been a game changer for us” says David Jones, a life coach for over 15 years from Los Angeles. “In the past many of my clients would complain about having to drive to come see me and while I understood their concern, there was no other efficient way for me to support them. But now with how reliable platforms like texting, chat, and conferencing have become, it makes it so much easier for me to help my clients from the comfort of their home or office.”

Not only has this been beneficial for customers, but for coaches as well. “This has really allowed me to grow my business more effectively” says Sarah Johnson, a life coach based in a rural area in Texas. “It’s been hard for me to grow my practice in such a small area but now I can connect with people from all over the world without being forced to move to a major city.”

No doubt that technology is making it more convenient for businesses to expand their reach into other markets. However, some feel that by meeting this way, it loses its personal touch. “I really miss seeing my coach at her office” says Laura David, a small business owner from San Diego California. “It provided me this space away from the chaos of my daily life to examine my life and business that is otherwise a bit more difficult for me since I also work from home. I understand why many coaches are working online, but I feel the private office space providing a more personal touch which I miss.”

As technology improves at a rapid rate, some online life coaches believe that virtual reality may be the next step in the evolution of their industry allowing them the opportunity to make it feel as though their client is with them in their office.