Has the Galaxy of Smart Phones Morphed Into A Black Hole?

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As I settled into my seat on an intercontinental flight last month I heard a recorded announcement telling passengers who owned Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phones that those specific items were barred from the airplane.  While I appreciated the desire for passenger and flight protection, I also wondered at the rare instance when a specific manufacturer’s product was named in the announcement.  I could not recall the last time a single manufacturer’s product was singled out for such attention.

This might have been upsetting were it not for the fact that the potential circumstances were significant enough to warrant such concern.  After all, nobody wants to risk a fire aboard a fuel-laden wide-bodied passenger jet aircraft at high altitude.  Yet, at the same time I wondered if such caution extended to other products using similar technology.  Another passenger must have had the same thought, for he asked if the “ban” included the latest smartphones of other manufacturers.  When told it was only for the Samsung Galaxy 7 the passenger asked if the Federal Aviation Administration was being paid to participate in this case of “industrial sabotage.”  Other passengers tittered at that remark while turning off their own smartphones and buckling their seatbelts.

While the teething problems of the Galaxy 7 are well-known they do not mean the utter demise of the smart phone.  There are a multitude of smart phone users today – indeed, we have become more dependent upon today’s smart phones than we once were on pocket calculators.  And there are many tools and accessories now available for the smart phone user.  They enhance your phone use and operation such by protecting the phone glass and providing additional privacy.  Others serve to provide protection from water damage, denting or hard bumps.  I have found many accessories on Groupon, including protective phone cases, light and privacy covers, phone belts and “hands-free” holders that enable one to use the smart phone while actively engaged in other tasks.  Prices for them range from under $10 to $25.  And there are also car chargers and new batteries available.  So smartphone owners who seek to flesh out their equipment with supporting accessories like cases, screen protectors, wallet-sized cases and even armbands are encouraged to look at your Groupon page to find the smart phone that is most appropriate for your personal use, as well as for the best accessories you can find to enhance your phone’s daily use and operation.