Grilled Paneer Is The Perfect Appetiser If You Are On A Healthy Diet

Video: Grilled Paneer Is The Perfect Appetiser If You Are On A Healthy Diet

The recent wave of healthful living has embroiled most of us and swaying us towards a healthier living. There are many diets that are making news these days for their immediate slimming results. These diets may work but are difficult to stick to amid busy schedules and can also make your pockets lighter. Fitness can be easily achieved by making some smart adjustments in our eating habits. All these fad diets promote low-fat, low-calories and sometimes low-carb foods. We can just imbibe this idea while preparing our daily meals and work our way to being fitter and thinner. You will find many options for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. But when we think of mid-day snacks or appetisers, we still picture fried samosa, French fries or kebabs.

If you are really serious about embracing a healthy diet, you should follow it rigidly, throughout the day. And, when hunger comes striking in the evening and dinner is still hours away, try the following small meal to whet your appetite.

As the name suggests, grilled paneer is made with cottage cheese and no oily substance or any fat-full products. Cottage cheese is a favourite food item of health freaks because of its many healthful properties.

  • Cottage cheese is rich in proteins, calcium and other nutrients which are essential for strong bones, muscles and teeth.
  • It has zero fat and almost no carbohydrates, making it ideal for weight loss.
  • Presence of minerals like magnesium and sodium makes cottage cheese a great fuel for nerves and blood pressure.
  • The antioxidants found in cottage cheese help in preventing serious illnesses.

Manjula, a well-known YouTube vlogger and Indian food enthusiast, helps us with this great recipe of Grilled Paneer, through her channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. Watch the following video and enjoy your guilt-free treat.