Galaxy Z Flip has only one official leather cover and it costs $100

Image result for Galaxy Z Flip has only one official leather cover and it costs $100A few weeks ago we brought you news about Samsung developed a genuine leather cover for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip. This will be the only case design offered by the OEM for the upcoming clamshell smartphone, and it will be available only in black or white, according to a fresher report from Mobile Fun. This may or may not be indicative of the color choices that will be offered by the device itself.

The Galaxy Z Flip covers are reportedly made from high-grade genuine leather. They’re designed to protect the phone while providing easy access to the main foldable panel and the minimalist cover display. Although the source didn’t share any photos with the accessory, it claims that it has a premium look and feel to it without adding unwanted bulk to the device.

The leather cover is the only official Galaxy Z Flip case

The retailer will sell the official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip genuine leather cover for the price of £99.99, and we can assume that Samsung will offer the product for a similar price tag. The leather cover is more expensive than the usual official protective cases for candy bar devices such as the Galaxy S20, but then again, it’s an unconventional accessory for a smartphone boasting an unconventional design.

The source expects to have the cover in stock in 2-3 weeks, and that sounds about right given that the Galaxy Z Flip is expected to make an official appearance at Galaxy Unpacked on February 11.