Feds: Dormont man remanded to prison for blogging hate speech


A Dormont man, who has over the past 15 years been acquitted of murder, praised a convicted cop-killer, left anti-Semitic fliers on cars and twice violated the terms of his federal parole, could again have that parole revoked as he is accused of blogging calls for violence against the Jewish community.

Hardy Carroll Lloyd, 41, was remanded to prison pending a bond revocation hearing stemming from alleged statements he made about the assault weapons ban passed in Pittsburgh, according federal court records.

“Anyone who supports such laws must be targeted, and their families murdered,” Lloyd allegedly wrote April 2, according to paperwork signed by his probation officer.

He called on “Lone Wolves” to “get busy.”

On April 3, in reference to Pittsburgh’s assault weapon legislation, he referred to the Pennsylvania Constitution as “more liberal” than the U.S. Constitution regarding the concept of self-defense and used a Jewish slur in saying the legislation should be shot down, records show.

“If not, well, disobey and kill, my Lone Wolves,” Hardy allegedly wrote. “Target: Jewhill.”

The latter portion seems to be a reference to Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill, which is home to a large Jewish population and was the site of an anti-Semitic mass shooting at a synagogue last year.

He was found not guilty of homicide in the shooting death of a woman in 2006 but convicted for firearms violations. As a convicted felon, he cannot legally possess a gun.

Hardy first came to the attention of the feds in April 2009 when he posted a message praising Richard Poplawski, who at the time was awaiting trial for ambushing three Pittsburgh police officers who responded to his home. He has since been convicted and sentenced to death.

In another post, Hardy referenced his shotgun, prompting federal authorities to search his home. They found 10 firearms, white supremacist literature and Nazi propaganda, police said. Hardy pleaded guilty in 2010 and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison plus three years of probation.

Prohibition on accessing the internet or using a computer has been a term of his supervised release since 2015 when Hardy’s federal probation officer received word from Dormont police that Hardy had created a blog, according to court records. On the blog, he wrote that individuals who circumcise newborns must be murdered.

Hardy’s bond was revoked in 2016 after Pittsburgh police alerted federal officials that Hardy updated his Facebook profile and remarked on how he was planning “ambushes” against police. A search of his home around the same time turned up numerous knives, Mace, pepper spray and other weapons. Records show a federal judge sent Hardy back to prison for 14 months.

Upon his release in summer 2017, Hardy’s bond was modified to allow him computer and internet access but bar him from all social networks, chatrooms, blogs and communication “with any individual or group for the purpose of promoting terrorism,” court records show.

He almost immediately violated a number of those terms, according to federal court documents. In August 2017, he twice used computers at the Mt. Lebanon Library.

Several days later, he turned up at a protest at U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy’s office, yelled “white power,” and gave a Nazi salute. He was also cited for trespassing at Carnegie Mellon University and caught on camera leaving anti-Semitic flyers in Shadyside, records show. He also watched YouTube videos show attacks against women and shopped online for weapons.

Those violations netted him 13 months back in prison, records show.

A final revocation hearing for the latest alleged violation is set for May 8.