Deca Durabolin – Using it legally in the UK

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Deca Durabolin is another popular anabolic steroid and consists of Nandrolone. It is also one of the commonly used steroids by athletes as a performance enhancer. It offers tremendous benefits during the off season and is also much sought after for its therapeutic benefits.

Functionality offered by Deca Durabolin

This steroid is classified as a 19-nortestosterone and an anabolic steroid. Its composition lets users inject it infrequently, and get the best results. Its potency is relatively high and has a low androgenic activity. This lowered activity rating makes it a mild steroid and is well tolerated by male users.

Deca Durabolin is also often prescribed by doctors for patients with muscle wasting conditions, fatigue and anemia. It is well known for helping burn victims as well. Durabolin works wonders for people who suffer from osteoporosis.

How Durabolin works

It works wonders for people who want to increase muscle mass slowly. And the quality of muscle mass is much better with Durabolin use than other anabolic steroids. Durabolin is best used during the off-season for developing muscle mass and many users benefit from the therapeutic benefits. It also aids in maintaining optimal fat levels in the body and by enhancing the metabolism it helps to burn off unwanted pounds.

In the cutting phase, using Durabolin promotes athletic enhancement effectively with a dosage of 300 mg/mL 10 mL vial. This is an added bonus for true body builders whose diet is usually tough to cope with. It will help to preserve lean muscle mass during times of low calorie intake and promote cutting plans effectively.

Deca Durabolin Dosage

Since it is a slow-acting steroid, injections don’t have to be very frequent. In most cases, administration has to be done once every 2 or 4 weeks, based on need. The exception is in the case of anemia – patients are usually given a dose once a week to let them maintain strength.

The standard dose is 100 mg every 2 to 4 weeks for normal people and dosage can be increased to 200 mg based on need. For an athlete who wants rejuvenation, 100 mg is a good starting dose and gradually increased to 200 mg. Such doses help with recovery and also offer a mild anabolic boost. True gains can be had with 300 mg per week. For female athletes, the recommended dosage is 50 mg. for 6 weeks only.

Availability and Use in the UK

Deca Durabolin is easy to find on the regular and black markets. Even though it is illegal to have, supply or export steroids to the UK, it can be found for personal use.  Licensed pharmaceutical suppliers and health food stores can make it available, with a prescription. For those who would like to use this steroid, it is always a good idea to check if your supplier has the required license. Even with a prescription, users are encouraged to order only what they need as it could lead to jail time, if one has an excessive amount.