Data and Security

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Data security is a term that is used to refer to a protective sort of digital privacy measures that are to be applied to access that is unauthorized to websites, databases, and computers. This type of security also protects digital data from being corrupted. The security of data is a main priority for businesses of every genre and size.

Examples of technologies for data security in hardware and software encryption, data erasure, data masking, and backups include:

Secure USB

Not all data will stay in the office. Sometimes people will need to take data home with them to work on, or to meetings, or a number of other places. They might choose to do that by putting the data on a USB flash drive. These drives are small and easy to carry. The thing is, they are also easily lost and or stolen and then the information that is on them will be able to be accessed by people who might use it for unintended purposes.

There is a solution, though. Check out the USB flash drive at This one has military-grade encryption and is resistant to things like water and dust. Aside from that, you will notice how it looks. It is immediately set apart from other flash drives because of the key pad that is on the outside of it. This unique feature means that in order to access the data inside, you will need to enter the personalized PIN o that key pad. Without the PIN, the drive is inaccessible and any data on it will remain locked and encrypted.

Data Recovery

Sometimes, data is compromised due to it being deleted, or because of a file being corrupted, an OS crash, a virus, or even a disaster such as a flood or fire. Yes, if you don’t have a plan in place for these occurrences, you stand to lose your data. With that being said, there is software out there that is meant to help with data recovery. There are quite a few different types and they are made by many manufacturers. Some of these will offer a free trial. If you are considering getting one of them, try the ones with the free trial first so that you will be able to tell if that particular one will fit your needs before buying one.

It Doesn’t Take Much

There is a hacker by the name of Samy Kamkar who is known for building devices that don’t cost much but can cause seriously costly damage to electronic systems. His latest $5 device is one that he calls PoisonTap. All that one needs to do in order to infiltrate your system and steal your data is to plug this bad boy into the USB port. Your computer can be locked and protected by a password but it won’t even matter. This small device tricks the computer into thinking that it is simply a typical network adapter. Once it is removed, it leaves a back door so the perpetrator can continue to steal information.

See, it really doesn’t take much to compromise the data on your system. For this reason, it is incredibly important to be vigilant when it comes to the security of your data. Even the smallest things can make a difference… like making sure that all of your browser windows are closed before you leave your computer. Something as small as taking that one action can thwart major data security breaches.

Database Security

If you have a business, then it is more than likely that you have a database. You need to make sure that your database has security… even physical security. Traditionally speaking, this means that the server for your database would be in an environment that is locked and secure and should have access controls in place so as to keep people out who don’t have the proper authorization. However, it goes beyond that to having the database in redundancy on a separate machine that has been removed from the other machines running applications or the web servers.

There is so much to know about data and security that whole books have been written on the subject. While you won’t find all of that information here, hopefully, you will have gotten a broad overview of what it entails.