Common Myths About CAT Result

Image result for Common Myths About CAT exaM Resultant topicsCAT, which is a national level entrance exam for admission in MBA programmes, is one of the most popular exams among the students. Every year lakhs of students appear for the exam and with that, there comes different myths about the exam, its pattern, result, etc. Students have different myths about the exam like CAT is only for engineering graduates; CAT is only about IIMs, etc.  Although the exam is very popular even then students tend to believe in various myths about the exam. Here, we are jotting down some popular myths of students about the CAT 2018 Result. Let’s have a look at them.

Only those who prepared for a long time can qualify- One of the popular myths among the aspirants about the CAT result is that the chances of qualifying the CAT exam are more for students who are preparing for a long time. Students tend to believe that they cannot qualify the exam in the first attempt or their CAT result will not be good enough to get a great call. But it is not true, there is no set rule for this, there are many students who qualify the exam in the first attempt and get a call from IIMs.

 I can’t do it with my job- Students appearing for CAT exam are either final year graduate students or working employees. The working ones have a myth that it is impossible for them to compete with the students who are in final year and preparing well. They think that their job is preventing them from scoring a good percentile.  There are many students who qualified the exam while being employed somewhere. All you need to do is to study well and attempt more and more mock tests to ensure good CAT result.

Wrong Interpretation of Percentile- Many times, students tend to misinterpret their CAT results. For example, if a student gets 75 percentile in the first attempt, he thinks that he has performed very well and he will score 99 percentile with little more effort. But in reality, a candidate securing 99 percentile, scores almost double marks than a student who scores 75 percentile. So, a student should carefully analyze his result as 75 percentile can be good but with lakhs of students appearing for the exam, you are behind about 50,000 candidates.  So, a proper interpretation of result and a proper study plan is needed for a better result.

One with work experience has an extra advantage- Students have a popular myth that the aspirants who are working somewhere have an extra advantage in interviews. But a student should understand that the CAT exam is itself very tough and after that interview is also not easy. It does not affect your marks whether you are working or not. Although a person with work experience may express himself better but this can be achieved by regular practice. You only need to present yourself confidently and should stop believing in such a myth.

I didn’t get a call from IIMs even after good percentile- Many students start thinking that getting a call from an IIM is difficult and the institute does not call even after getting good percentile. But IIMs have around 200 seats and they call around 600 students getting percentile above 99.75. So, if you get 99.5 or 99 percentile, you may not get a call from the institute. So, you must have a good percentile in your CAT result to get a call.