Amazon Fire Kids Edition: Best Kids Tablet under $100

Amazon’s Fire tablet comes in a kid’s edition, and it’s surprisingly well thought out. If you’re in the market for a kid-proof tablet that won’t break the bank, this is one to consider at just $99. What’s more, it’s discounted through February 13 so if you buy it now, you only pay $79.99. That’s a great deal if you consider ... Read More »

Malwarebytes still fixing flaws in antivirus software

Malwarebytes said it could take three of four weeks to fix flaws in its consumer product that were found by a Google security researcher. The company has fixed several server-side vulnerabilities but is still testing a new version of its Anti-Malware product to fix client-side problems, CEO Marcin Kleczynski said in ablog post. In the meantime, customers can implement a ... Read More »

Trojanized Android games hide malicious code inside images

Over 60 Android games hosted on Google Play had Trojan-like functionality that allowed them to download and execute malicious code hidden inside images. The rogue apps were discovered by researchers from Russian antivirus vendor Doctor Web and were reported to Google last week. The researchers dubbed the new threat Android.Xiny.19.origin. Malicious Android apps were a common occurrence on Google Play ... Read More »

You can play Star Citizen for free this week

Some people have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars for the privilege of playingStar Citizen early. Suckers. You? You get to try it for free, this entire week. Presumably because Chris Roberts and Co. hope to convince you to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars. Drug dealer rules, you know? The first hit is free. From the announcement: “On the ... Read More »

A Home Security System Could Change the Way You Live

There are only so many things that people can do to protect themselves from the dangers in the world. Some people purchase guns or take self-defense classes, but another option is installing a security system in your home. This is something that many people do for a number of reasons, but when people decide to get a home security system, ... Read More »

Five to Try: Metamorphabet mesmerizes, and Lonely Planet curates handy travel guides

Another week, another massive pile of new Android apps to sift through. Luckily, our Five to Try column makes your task easier, pointing out the week’s most interesting releases. Metamorphabet is an edutainment wonder (for all ages) that we’ve been waiting on for a while, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Also new this week is Guides by Lonely Planet, which ... Read More »

AWS Takes the Lead among All Cloud Solutions

AWS users will be benefiting from the built-in cloud security and cloud cost management tools in 2016. We will see a lot of improvements in this sector which will be tremendously beneficial for the users. Amazon is the leading online platform that is the number one tool for business as it serves different purposes. Cloud computing is not something that ... Read More »

Make Your Own Free Website with

If you are looking for free website builder that could deliver most professional outlook then only is the right place where you can stop. Here you could see your idea to develop in the most customize way with restricted efforts. Here you can build a well designed website, with professional touch without paying anything, similar to UX design San ... Read More »

Lily: the $499 ‘selfie drone’ that’s your personal videographer

“Camera. Reinvented.” claims the website for Lily, the latest consumer drone to capture people’s attention. Although “selfie drone” seems to be a more popular phrase among the media covering its launch. Yes, in 2015 we have drones to take selfies for us, because maintaining the perfect duckface while tapping a touchscreen button are sorely testing humanity’s multi-tasking capabilities. Actually, that’s ... Read More »

Is it worth swapping my laptop hard drive for an SSD?

My main computer is a Dell Studio 17 laptop from 2010 (specification attached). In my home office, I hook it up to a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor. As a part-time university lecturer, I run the usual software – Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator etc – plus some specialist software such as ArcMap, part of the ArcGIS suite. I have no ... Read More »