Google’s Safe Browsing plan to warn against fake buttons

IN A move that has excited netizens everywhere, Google has announced it is going to war against one of the most annoying things on the internet. The tech giant said it would take action to counteract fake ‘download’ and ‘play’ buttons that attempt to deceive users into clicking on something they don’t want. Such ads are most commonly found on ... Read More »

Hearthstone retires 150 cards and introduces a limited format

Hearthstone, the collectible card game from Blizzard, is about to undergo its biggest shake-up to date, with more than 150 previously released cards being declared illegal in standard games. Cards from the first two expansion packs to be released, July 2014’s Curse of Naxxramas and December 2014’s Goblins vs Gnomes, will no longer be playable in normal games. They will, ... Read More »

Meet Joe Simitian, Silicon Valley’s surveillance technology watchdog

One of the broadest pushes to reel in America’s surveillance state isn’t in Congress, the White House or a courtroom; arguably it’s in Joe Simitian’s office in California’s Santa Clara County government building. Simitian – 63 and bespectacled – is a supervisor on the county board here. This winter he drafted a proposal for regulation that would require local law ... Read More »

X projects: Alphabet’s ‘moonshot’ ventures that could change the world

Looking at the annual results of Alphabet, you could be forgiven for thinking that last year’s reorganisation of the world’s most valuable company was all for nothing. Google, which is a subsidiary of Alphabet, dominated financially. The segment, which includes most of the best-known Google products such as its search engine, maps, Gmail, YouTube and Android, made up $74.5bn of ... Read More »

Apple event leaked: six weeks to new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch launch

FIRST there were the rumours. Now there is a date. Apple has reportedly marked March 15 on the calendar as the day to launch a new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Several sources including 9To5Mac today have reported the date when Apple CEO Tim Cook and his posse of Apple executives will again take to a stage in San Francisco ... Read More »

Is your Smartphone Safe when it is Lying Somewhere?

You might have visited a friend’s place and you would want to sit and relax. But you are a bit afraid to keep the Smartphone lying somewhere. This is because you think that your friend or someone else would take your phone and start the search. It is really quite exciting to bully a friend with some data that might ... Read More »

Week in Tech: Apple’s doomed, and Twitter too

Every morning at the break of day, the Apple doom birds begin to sing their song. “Doom!”, they wail. “Doooooooooooom!” We’ve been ignoring them for years, but eventually, like stopped clocks, they’ll be right. Could that be happening right now? Maybe! And Apple isn’t the only tech firm with troubles. Flash is finished, Java is a has-bean, and Twitter’s going ... Read More »

BT and EE are now officially a thing but don’t expect too many changes just yet

After the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) gave its approval a couple of weeks ago the rest was really just a formality, but the sale of EE to BT has been officially rubber-stamped today. In total the mammoth takeover deal is worth £12.5bn. If you’re a BT or EE user, don’t expect anything to change today – in fact you ... Read More »

Three is doubling prices for some customers – and you don’t have long to switch

Three is doubling prices for a number of its most loyal customers in an attempt to shut down older contracts. Those on legacy tariffs are being switched to the “closest” existing deal but in some situations that can be double what they are paying for now. One customer spoke to techradar and revealed a £15 deal (originally £25, but with ... Read More » Review- Best Website Making Destination

Website making is an easy job when you have a true support and best template for it! Are you searching for a free business website maker that can provide you with great website designing and maintenance? You have reached the right page now! Website designs are so many available on the internet. However, to make it effective, attractive and a ... Read More »