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Oh Look, You Can Now Go Shopping On Twitter

    Change is in the air over at Twitter. Last week, the social media giant’s CEO stepped down, and earlier this week, we heard reports of the company’s forthcoming “Project Lightning,” a Snapchat-esque feature that’ll make it easier for you to keep up with trending events. Twitter’s latest upstart idea? Shopping. As announced yesterday in a blog post, the ... Read More »

RJIL Denies Anonymous Claims That Jio Chat App Sends Unencrypted Data to China

A group of hackers has claimed that Reliance Jio Infocomm’s mobile messaging app Jio Chat transmits users’ data in unsecured form to servers located in China, a charge denied by the company.”We took apart Reliance Jio app & found they are using Chinese geolocation mapping service. It shows that Reliance is using a geolocation which is China-based service,” said AnonOpsIndia, ... Read More »

Twitter Moves to Put ‘Products and Places’ in Feeds

Twitter said Friday it was testing a new way to use the messaging platform for shopping by promoting “products and places” in its feeds, as it looks to boost revenues. “We’re starting to experiment with a small number of products and places,” Twitterproduct manager Amaryllis Fox said in an official blog post. “As we test, within your timeline you may ... Read More »

Kung Fu Panda 3 Promises Big Laughs in January

The first official trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3 has been released, and the two minute six second video had us laughing pretty much the whole time. Dreamworks studio might not get the same respect as Pixar does, but it’s got a number of solid hits under its belt, including the Shrek series, and the How to Train Your Dragon ... Read More »

Ad-Free Social Network Ello Gets an iPhone App

Ello, the ad-free social network which gained prominence last year with an invitation-only launch, announced Thursday it was opening to the public with an application for iPhone users.The startup got attention with its “anti-Facebook” policy of promising to never use advertising or to sell customer data to third parties. Last September, a surge in interest made Ello membership a hot ... Read More »

Twitter’s Project Lightning to Let Users Follow Live Events, Not Just People

Twitter will start curating tweets on live events, the micro-blogging service said, as it plans major changes to make its real-time news feed more user friendly.Dubbed Project Lightning, the changes will let users follow events instead of just people, and instantly upload photos and videos that can be shared across websites, social news and entertainment website Buzzfeed reported on Thursday. ... Read More »

Twitter Testing if Hearts Are Better Than Stars for Favourites

Twitter may soon replace the stars that you use to ‘favourite’ tweets with hearts.Twitter’s latest feature experiment sees it swapping stars in its Android app for hearts to ‘favourite’ or save the tweets. The social network is testing the change in two variations: circled hearts or borderless hearts, Mashable reported. But as in Twitter’s way of testing things, only a ... Read More »

Pakistan’s very own Top Gun sets pulses racing on social media

    Pakistani pilot got pulses racing on social media on Monday after photos from the Paris Air Show reminded some of Top Gun star Tom Cruise. Squadron Leader Yaser Mudasser became an unwitting Twitter star after shots circulated of him showing off Pakistan’s new JF-17 Thunder fighter jet to a diplomat. But Mudasser was somewhat less cocky than Maverick, ... Read More »

Warnings over ‘Paracetamol Challenge’ – the latest social media craze

    A worrying new trend on social media is encouraging children to take quantities of paracetamol and upload their pictures to networks such as Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ParacetamolChallenge. It reportedly encourages children to abuse over-the-counter painkillers and an East Midlands GP has warned against anyone considering taking part, stating just how dangerous taking the tablets in ... Read More »

How social media insights top traditional research

    MARKET research has always had an important role to play in shaping brand strategies, from product development and customer service through to marketing and advertising. Previously, however, invaluable and in-depth research used to be an expensive and slow process. For example, if you wanted consumer feedback on an advertising campaign in the past, you’d usually only get it ... Read More »