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Social Media Is Changing How College Students Deal With Mental Health, For Better Or Worse

  When she began her freshman year in 2011, Sydney embarked on a tumultuous transformation. She had been accepted to her “reach school,” Duke University, where students seemed to strive for perfection both academically and socially. The change came fast and without warning for Sydney, who asked to be referred to by her first name for this story to protect ... Read More »

20 Ways To Amplify Your Social Media Reach

Social media is one of the most powerful tools I have come across to grow a large audience and spread your message. In less than three years, I went from no audience to hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter alone. Social media is an opportunity that people can no longer afford to take for granted. Social media is not ... Read More »

T-Mobile’s (Sometimes) Sarcastic Social Media Presence Pays Off Again

  Adding 2.1 million subscribers in Q2 of this year, mobile provider T-Mobile now counts nearly 60 million customers among its ranks. Since 2013, the company has added nearly 15 million new customers, and is within a stone’s throw of surpassing Sprint to become the third-largest provider in the United States (currently, just 300,000 subscribers separate the two). With continuos ... Read More »

‘Sunburn Art’ The new Social Media Trend Can Be Dangerous

Sunburns are not just painful but have the potential of causing cancer. But, these twin threats have not stopped them from being a way to present artistic expression and the social media is helping this trend in gaining more popularity. Presently, experts are voicing concerns about “sunburn art” where people use sunblocks that are strategically applied or stencil for a DIY ... Read More »

When politicians cross the social media line

Politicians the world over use Facebook and Twitter today to communicate to their constituents and the general public, and to debate with each other. Often, this debate can quickly morph into childish and personal exchanges, which not only lower the quality of the discourse, but cast these elected representatives in a most unflattering and negative light. And no one is ... Read More »

Tynemouth beach towel theft sparks social media frenzy

A stolen beach towel in North Tyneside is at the centre of a social media frenzy. Northumbria Police released details about a theft from Longsands beach in Tynemouthbut it sparked a whole host of responses from members of the public on Facebook andTwitter. The theft happened on Sunday, July 12 from 4pm to 5pm when a dark blue towel with ... Read More »

Business Insider is looking for a rockstar intern to join our breaking news team

  Business Insider is looking for an ambitious reporter and news junkie to join our team as a breaking news intern. The breaking news intern would be part of a fast-moving team that follows world events and reports on them in real time across multiple social media platforms and on our website. That means one day, he or she could ... Read More »

Study shows which NFL fan bases dominate social media

                                                                                 (Photo: Charles LeClaire, USA TODAY Sports) Last week, a pair of Emory University professors ranked their best NFL fans based ... Read More »

The STM’s seemingly dated Opus card recharger, which cost $16 and requires the installation of a card reader device, may be a small step up from the current system. But users were quick to tell the STM they’re still not with the times. The tongue-in-cheek hashtag #InnoverCommeLaSTM (InnovateLikeTheSTM) quickly picked up steam not long after the transit authority unveiled its new technology at ... Read More »

How The World’s Top 7 Airlines Use Social Media

Airlines are big companies. They have thousands of members of staff and even more ‘touch points’ when it comes to customer communications and service around the globe. The last thing they need is to be on social media, right? Wrong. And in fact, some of the biggest airlines in the world are leading brands in their own right on social ... Read More »