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Which way is the bus travelling? Kids’ brainteaser is leaving adults baffled

NATIONAL Geographic have created a puzzle which is leaving people perplexed as they can’t figure out which direction the bus is going. It’s a commonly used brain teaser which tests schoolchildren’s logic skills and the majority are able to solve it with ease. But, it’s a completely different case for adults, as many struggle to identify which direction the bus ... Read More »

Snoop Dogg Got Really Mad at Bill Gates After XBox Live Went Down

A brief outage for Microsoft’s online video game network on Wednesday was enough to send rapper Snoop Dogg over the edge, launching an angry expletive-laden tirade against the technology company — and its founder Bill Gates. Posting on his personal Instagram account, the legendary artist — responsible for songs such as “Gin and Juice” — threatened to switch to rival ... Read More »

Social Advocacy and Politics: It’s Academic, but is it Social?

Talk to any professor and they will proudly tell you that they do academic research. They will happily tell you what their research is about and where it is published. Being academic is a badge of honor to them. Talk to the general public, on the other hand, and they will often equate “academic” with that obscure stuff generated in ... Read More »

Zuckerberg: Facebook’s New ‘Like’ Button Options Coming ‘Pretty Soon’

It won’t be long before Facebook’s 1.6 billion users have more ways to quickly express their feelings on the world’s largest social network. After four months of testing outside the U.S., Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says five new emotions will be added to the social network throughout the world “pretty soon.” Zuckerberg didn’t give a more concrete timetable while discussing ... Read More »

3 Social Media Practices You Need in 2016

Social media is constantly evolving — it seems like there is always something new and exciting going on. Of course, it’s also hard to keep up with sometimes. How do know which new channels to focus on, and how do you use what’s out there to increase your social media presence? How do you separate the passing fads for emerging ... Read More »

3.57 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon? Maybe on Facebook

Forget six degrees of separation. Facebook says your friends are much closer to you than you thought. The average pair of Facebook users has just 3.57 degrees of separation between them, the social media network said Thursday in a new study. In the United States, that number is more like 3.46 degrees. “Over the past five years, the global Facebook ... Read More »

Social Media, The Viral Loop and App Marketing

Most app developers have high hopes for their creations. Independent app developers, in particular, often expect their app to receive thousands of downloads soon after its release. And why wouldn’t they? If their idea is good enough, surely people are going to rush to download it? Unfortunately, the sheer proliferation of apps – 1,600,00 on Google Play, 1,500,00 on the ... Read More »

Time Wasted on Facebook Could Be Costing Us Trillions in Lost Productivity

Twelve years ago Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook with a simple dream: to have everyone spending as much time as possible clicking around on his website. Today, the social network site’s users are closing in on $3.5 trillion in squandered productivity. The company has about 1.6 billion monthly active users, more than the population of any single country on earth. ... Read More »

How to Find Your Social Audience

Social media can simultaneously be a delight and a nightmare to marketers. There are so many people and so many choices. However, a crowd is a crowd. It is faceless and nameless. Customers, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. You don’t want to sell to a crowd, you want to sell to a particular set of people who ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Social Media Accounts from Getting Hacked

The fear of having your social media accounts hacked is enough to keep marketing teams awake at night. It’s horrible to think that the efforts of years spent building a brand and a customer base can be washed away in an instant by a disgruntled employee or nefarious stranger accessing the company Instagram or Facebook account. Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof way to protect ... Read More »