Microinteractions and Their Macro Effect on Your UX

Microinteractions range from the essential to the simply enjoyable. What is a microinteraction? Well, every time you interact with an app, website or even an appliance, even in the most insignificant way, you have engaged in a microinteraction. An example would be clicking on a hyperlink and changing its color, or putting your phone’s alarm on snooze. A microinteraction is ... Read More »

The CMO’s Pocketbook Guide To Creating A Cohesive Mobile Strategy

You made a strategic (and smart) decision to build an app and add it to your marketing mix. It’s not easy to align resources, people, and tech to accomplish this, so you deserve a hearty pat on the back for your leadership swagger. But now, the other big thing keeping you up at night is fear that your app’s main ... Read More »

Why Mobile Video Ads are Going Vertical

I want to talk about mobile video ads for a moment. Specifically, how they’re changing. But first, here’s what we likely already know about mobile video (if you don’t know, consider this a convenient primer): Consumer consumption of mobile video is growing as mobile fast becomes the consumer’s first device. The proliferation of 4G networks has made consuming content outside ... Read More »

6 Tips That Will Improve Your App Store Optimization (ASO)

  With millions of apps available in app stores across operating systems and mobile devices, App Store Optimization or ASO is imperative for improving the visibility of an app and increase downloads. By effectively and periodically monitoring ASO, app developers and marketers are sure to experience a boost in the app listing and in the total number of downloads. As ... Read More »

Celebrate More App Downloads This Thanksgiving

The holidays are upon us. For small businesses, that means the annual stress of going head-to-head with big-name competitors who always put the pocket dough before the pie dough, rolling out Black Friday deals on Tuesday (or worse). It’s rough to keep up, especially when all the price-cuts and overworked employees undermine the meaning of the holidays for you. Regardless, ... Read More »

11 Actionable Ways To Increase Android App And iOS App Downloads: Complete Guide On App Promotion

Millions of other apps are available in the market, so there’s a crucial need for mobile publishers to focus on app store optimization. It will help you improve your ranking in the app store, which then increases the number of app downloads. A higher rank makes you more noticeable to your target audience. You’ll start bringing in more traffic to ... Read More »

Things You Should Know When Hiring an iPhone App Developer

This article is going to take you through some of the factors that should be considered when hiring the services of an iPhone app developer. Finding the right developer to build your applications can make a big difference, not only from a cost standpoint but from a quality standpoint as well. The right developer can help you improve and refine ... Read More »

5 Tips To Outsource Mobile App Development Effectively

Coming up with an outstanding app idea is only half the battle, you have to find the right app development company to bring it to life. What are the major things you should keep in mind when you decide to go for outsourcing app development? Don’t know, we have mentioned top 5 things below: Check Portfolio And Previous Client Feedback ... Read More »

Mobile Apps To Be Included In Google Search Indexing

For the most part, what Google wants, Google gets. And starting in 2016, Google wants to change how apps will be ranked through their app indexing. All SEO agencies need to pay close attention to what is on the horizon. Recently the tech mogul announced that within Android, it can now organize and rank app-only web content; this is content ... Read More »

3 Ways to improve Enterprise Mobile Apps User Experience

Consumer facing mobile apps can be cutting edge, even edgy, bright, new, interesting and break new boundaries in user experience. Enterprise mobile apps on the other hand have fewer options in terms of what they can experiment with. Just by virtue of their function, which is not usually glamorous, these apps need to look ‘professional’ and adhere to a corporate ... Read More »