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Why Snapchat and WhatsApp are bringing new features to messaging

One app to rule them all might be the future on smartphones, and if so, Snapchat knows it needs to bolster the features in its chat function. The Los Angeles startup appears to be doing just that, with software experts revealing big potential changes to Snapchat’s chat screen. If the details prove correct, Snapchat wants to bring audio calls and ... Read More »

Car Refinancing – A Money-Saver Route That You Should Seriously Consider

Millions of homeowners have been able to make substantial savings in recent years by refinancing their mortgages. While the plunge in interest rates has displeased savers, it has proved to be a real boon for borrowers. The drop of around 3% in the mortgage rates in just the last four years or so has translated into fairly substantial savings for ... Read More »

What Plaintiffs Should Know Before Applying for Pending Lawsuit Loans

All across United States, cash-strapped plaintiffs are making a beeline for obtaining loans against anticipated favorable settlements so that they can tide over the intervening financially-difficult times. However, since by and large the sector is self-regulated and there is not much of exposure in the mass media, there is a whole lot of misinformation in the minds of the public ... Read More »

The Oil so Fresh and Effective

The Krill oil is not so dangerous like the regular fish oils. In fact, it is said that when you have the kind of oil you are having the perfect intake of the Omega 3 fatty acids. The compound is brilliant and makes the brain work in the best method. The same also promotes immunity and there is less of ... Read More »

Muscle Building Tips

Many bodybuilders get frustrated for failing to achieve the toned muscles they dream of having. Actually, every person has the chance to build the muscular body they want if they follow the right method. The following are some tips on how you can effectively build your muscles.   Eat Enough Protein The protein synthesis, a process that stores protein in ... Read More »

How Does Good Morning Snore Solution Work

Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue retaining anti-snoring device (TRD) designed to hold your tongue in place so that there is no blockage in the airway of your throat. It consists of a wedged shape suction cup for your tongue to fit in. The one size fits all snoring solution works just like a baby pacifier, holding your tongue ... Read More »

Cube26 Launches Smart Bulb at Rs. 1,499, Eyes Indian Home Automation Market

Indian startup Cube26 on launched a smart bulb which can be controlled using a mobile phone application. Priced at Rs. 1,499, the smart bulb Iota Lite has a lifespan of 15,000 hours and offers users the choice of 16 million colours. It is rated at 7W and offers 500 lumens of brightness. “The IOTA Lite marks our entry into the ... Read More »

Microsoft Partners Justdial, Paytm, Snapdeal; Unveils Smart City Initiative

US-based technology major Microsoft on Thursday announced a string of partnerships, programmes and products claimed to help Indian organisations and governments to explore uncharted business areas and enrich customer and citizen experiences. The newly launched local Microsoft Cloud and new devices will also catalyse digital transformation, the company said. The tech giant, based in Redmond, California, announced partnerships with three ... Read More »

Skype Gets a New Share Button For Websites

Microsoft’s Skype team on Wednesday introduced a new share button for websites, which would make it easier for users to “engage in richer conversations about the content immediately.” The Skype blog post adds that they have teamed-up with website, where the Skype share button would reach first in the world. In India, Skype has collaborated with for its ... Read More »

Reliance Communications to Set Up 4 Data Centres in India in 12 Months

Billionaire Anil Ambani-led Reliance Communications (RCom) and its subsidiary Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) would invest $80 million (roughly Rs. 500 crores) to set up four data centres in India over the next 12 months. “We are adding four data centres in the next 12 months as part of our strategy to increase capacity by 40 percent,” Bill Barney Chief Executive ... Read More »