Pvt labs under lens for cheating on dengue tests

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has found a large number of nursing homes and pathology labs that have been conducting dengue tests by the `rapid kit’ method but charging patients for the more expensive Elisa tests. A KMC health department team has even found that a large number of nursing homes or pathology labs have recently been set up with no infrastructure ... Read More »

Govt eases norms to test & launch drugs

No More Repeat Tests, Ethics Panel Gets More Freedom In an attempt to ease norms for testing and introduction of new medicines in the country, the government has taken steps to fast-track approvals for clinical trials as well as launch of drugs already approved in other countries. Pharmaceutical companies planning to launch new drugs already approved outside India after conducting ... Read More »

Diabetes patients are two to four times more prone to cardiovascular diseases than non-diabetics 

On World Diabetes Day, it is essential to raise awareness about the existing co-relation between diabetes and heart disease and ways to manage both. With more than 62 million individuals in India currently diagnosed with diabetes, it is fast gaining the status of an epidemic. India faces an uncertain future in relation to the potential burden that diabetes may impose ... Read More »

HIV spread peaks before violent conflict breaks out

The rate of new HIV infections rises significantly in the five years leading up to violent conflict in a country, says a new study. The researchers looked into the relationship between bloodshed and HIV incidence in sub-Saharan Africa. “It implies that there is something going on in social, political, and health care environments in those years that are conducive to ... Read More »

Diabetic retinopathy major cause of preventable blindness in India

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the biggest causes of preventable blindness among Indian adults, doctors said. Calling diabetes an uncontrolled disease in India with 65 million cases, the doctors say that at least 40 percent of the severe diabetics will suffer from diabetic retinopathy if steps are not taken to control it. “Diabetic retinopathy is the most dangerous eye disease ... Read More »

Blood-based biopsy to improve cancer detection

A new blood-based biopsy that requires analysing a sample equivalent to one drop of blood can make cancer detection a lot simpler, says a new study. Using this new method for blood-based RNA tests of blood platelets, the researchers were able to identify cancer with 96 percent accuracy. “Being able to detect cancer at an early stage is vital. We ... Read More »

Few dessert options leave bitter taste for diabetic people

Scanning the shelves stacked with laddus, jalebis, gulab jamuns and mysurpaks, dripping with ghee and rich in sugar, are the eyes of the saddened diabetics, who are tempted to indulge but cannot. But the lack of diabetic-friendly varieties pushes them to settle for the sugary treats. Surveys have shown Tamil Nadu has one of the largest diabetic populations in the ... Read More »

Integrative medicine, the answer to chronic diseases

Integrative medicine is the answer to the chronic diseases that have become the major causes of death and disablement globally, say doctors. “While many chronic diseases can be treated through medication or surgery , they can be cured only in some cases. Integrative medical care offers hope in these cases,” says Dr Ennapadam S Krishnamoorthy who specialises in integrative medicine. ... Read More »

Sweet tooth behind diabetes?

Oral health reveals a lot about general health and could be a symptom of diabetic issues. The oral cavity provides a continuous source of infectious bacteria and its condition often reflects progression of systemic illness. Historically , oral infections were thought to be localised to the oral cavity alone. A change in paradigm has dispelled this notion, and a whole ... Read More »

‘Over 50% of patients visiting docs suffer from respiratory disorders’

Study: 14.52% People Have Hypertension More than half of all patients visiting primary healthcare centres were found to have respiratory symptoms across all age groups and regions of India, a latest study published in the international health journal Lancet said. The study also highlighted that 21.4% of all patients with hypertension, reported by the primary healthcare practitioners, were younger than ... Read More »